double trouble

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, and whenever I went out and about with the babies people joked ' double trouble, eh?' I used to defend them angriliy, 'no, double cuddles'. Noone would joke about it now. Two two year olds has been doing my head for months. They're only a month off 3 and there's no sign of any let up. They've just switched places on the naughtiest scale. T1 is sooooo defiant and stubborn and expasterating I find it hard not to lose it with her almost every day. T2 is starting to understand reward strategies etc. T1 just screams louder if you put on her on the naughty step and nothing will make her do what you want if she doesn't want to...
I've always hated the tv but lately I've been using it as a bribe and at least they're quiet when it's on and it's better than yelling at them...
Anyone got any better strategies for dealing with two? (And, yes, I do think it's because there's 2 of them, individually they are quite manageable!)

Nothing at all constructive to say at the moment, I'm afraid - I have a three year old (4 in April) and a 15 month old who are currently pushing every button I have; and I find myself spending most of the day yelling at them to not be rude / not be cheeky / stop saying no / stop climbing up on the windowsill / sofa / playpen / TV stand / stop trying to pull the TV over / STOP WINDING EACH OTHER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's the thing, the naughtier one is, the funnier the other one thinks he is; then I start screeching and they BOTH find that hilarious.
Honestly, I love them to death, I really do. Everyone said to me 'Ooooh, that's not a good gap - a 2 and a half year old and a newborn, I don't envy you'.......that was a doddle in comparison with dealing with the midget Frankie Boyle and pocket Sherpa Tensing.........

I just wanted to welcome you to the site - feel free to rant and rave, we're not one of those sites with pretences that our kids are perfect: in fact, we often have competitions as to who has the naughtiest child / who has shed the most tears / gained the most grey hairs / drunk the most cooking sherry; so you don't need to be guarded about what you say here - just be honest!

I take my hat off to you - I couldn't cope with twins, to be honest. You've had some great ideas here - I wish I had one for you, but I've been all out of great ideas for a few months now! I wonder how much of it might be cabin fever - not just the twins, but you too - hopefully as Spring comes you'll have more opportunities to get plenty of fresh air and exercise into them (certainly calms my two down a treat) - do you have a decent sized garden they can run amok in? (Or at least one big enough for you to hide in with a bottle of cooking sherry?)

Big hugs to you, hang on in there - and remember - Keep Calm and Carry On!

MOT you totally restore my faith in myself, I know how organised etc you are and you sound like such a brilliant mum that when I see you say you spend most of your day yelling at your boys not to do this that and the other just as I do I feel a little bit better about myself!

Sorry i've no advice other than to get them to the park and indoor play area etc as much as you can it does help, my boys are 2 and nearly 4 and they drive me nuts, I don't know that I could cope with twins, you'll probably find it a bit easier now with the better weather coming in, yesterday my two were in the garden for hours and it was great! x

Hi, i've got twins although they are 11 now so far from being toddlers anymore. Think I was really lucky with them as I can't actually remember having a tough time with them, having said that my older two are only 12mths apart so maybe i'd already had plenty of practise :))

Your right about the comments you get, I got fed up of the double trouble, bogof, ohhh i'd hate to have twins, did you want twins ? comments, having twin girls I even got people saying ohhh what a shame you didn't have one of each!!!!!!!!! I remember being in a shoe shop once and this woman telling me her daughter she had with her was supposed to be a triplet but she lost the identical twins she was carrying, awful to hear but such an awkward situation cause what can you say to that when you have your identical twin babies in the pushchair :(

Double the joy, double the kisses and double the hugs :X :X

Carry on, i'm sure your doing a fantastic job! >:D

m2a, I agree, the weather makes such a difference doesn't it? When Alex was 2/3/4, if we didn't spend at least an hour a day at the park or similar, his behaviour would be much much wore. In winter and in bad weather there is ball pools and so on, but you can't do those every day, whereas in a largeish town like mine there were quite a few parks we could go to on rotation.

Plus I think lots of people do feel slightly down in the bad weather- not SAD levels, but just 'blue' y'know? B x

Hi, I had a 15month old when my twins came along so when they were just reaching 2 my eldest had just turned 3 so it was major toddler time.

I'm afraid my best advice is just to be more physical and put up with zero nonsense. It is so tiring i know but if they are kicking off, grab them by both upper arms and say a firm no in their face then march them to their bed. Even if you have to do it 20 times a day it is worth it hun. There is nothing worse than spending day after day after day pulling your hair out about the same problems you were dealing with last week or last month.

Kids at this age only take 2 to 3 days to change their habits. Grit your teeth and go over the top when they are playing up. As soon as you see any postitive behaviour verbally reward them then if you see really good behaviour then give them a reward.

Sometimes some good wind down time infront of a favourite DVD for them and a 20 minute chill out for you can just take the edge off a day. Dont feel guilty for using the tele to help you, especially in this country.

Yes, mine all needed atleast half an hour outside everyday which isn't easy when there are 2 or 3 of them and only 1 of you.

Seriously hun, 3 days of upset will bring more peace and then you'll be able to take them anywhere by yourself and enjoy them.

Hope it helps.

There is life after twins, I went on to have another 3 but most of my fond memories are when I had the 3 lads at toddler stage.