We cant decide where to go, help needed


we were planning on going to Salou in May then we put that on hold cos of buying our house, but the vendor wants to rent off us for a short term so we thought well we will go,

Salou doesnt seem that warm in may as wld be beginning we wld be going, we have alos looked at rhodes, torremelinos, tenerife (dont want to fly for 4 hours just for a week as last day is all travelling it seems)

anyone been to any of the places and recommend a hotel or resort,



Salou's OK in May if not as hot as you'd like why not go further south in Spain? We have been down Malaga way down around Benalmadena/Estepona and could reccommend. I haven't been to Greek Islands yet and have heard Canaries have good hot weather all year round albeit pretty windy hot weather.
I cant recconmend hotels as we usually do a apt/villa rental..check out the Hotel Club http://www.hotelclub.co.uk/ we had a really cheap deal in Spain(Puerto Mazarron) a few years back.
Sorry can't be any more help....

we have managed to get an apartment in tenerife and my parents are going to their at the same time so that has all worked out well, also got flight for under £400 2 adults and infant so not too bad and our local airport so all worked out ok, think we might do salou next yet but just later in the year, thanks for your help though catnip.

I have only been to Rhodes out of those - and I (very stupidly) went for my birthday which is mid-July. It was BAKING hot. So hot in fact that they closed the beach to stop people from sweltering to death on it in the midday sun. It was the worst thing I have ever done. The heat was suffocating - and I have been all over the world at various times of the year btw - but never experienced heat like that in Rhodes that July. I spent almost the entire week I was there sat in the air-conditioned hotel reception!

Anyway, that's Rhodes in July!!

So glad you have got your holiday sorted Sarah. Tenerife sounds lovely. I'm sure you'll all have a fabulous time.

Trish xx

Talking of Tenerife,
There is an English nanny/babysitting service in the North of the Island. This is for residents and people who come on holiday and perhaps want a qualified and experienced babysitter for the night while the parents enjoy an evening alone.
Hope this is of use to you. xx