New gardening section


Welcome to the new gardening section of the forum - a place for the green-fingered amongst you to exchange information, help and advice on all garden related topics.

Here are some links to gardening related features on MyChild:

Free download - Gardening for kids

Article - Green-fingered families unite for community garden

Discussion - A beautiful community garden

Grow your own food

Creating a Child-Friendly Garden

Thanks Michael, you're a star!!!! :)

Thank you Michael, this is fab!

Well impressed Michael!!

Great Michael, get it all out of P-to-P! :P

You'll love us when your gardens are awash with rampaging slugs, you know....

You're welcome. Though not green-fingered myself, I enjoy reading the gardening discussions - hopefully Spring is on the way.

If you do find any gardening related topics in the forum please let me know (and send me the link) so that I can move them into here.

Hey, how do you know we are not guerilla gardeners, intent on sneaking gardening related posts onto other sections of the site in an attempt to subvert the masses? Are you trying to keep us in a box? Segregate us from our non-gardening cousins? GRAB YOUR TROWELS, Militant Gardeners, and RISE UP!

Avant Gardeners?

Just tidying up the forums by transplanting and repotting - hopefully we'll get plenty of healthy growth.

Just don't forget to pinch out the tips- or should that be tits- as they emerge.

Gardening is one great hobby for me to enjoy. Can any one suggest about the home gardening ideas and garden art to make my garden look amazing and refreshing to the eyes.