My child can't focus at school


My son is 7 years old and in 1st grade. His teacher is completly frustrated and says he does not pay attention at all in class. I had him tested for ADD last week and they said he does not have that. He is not disruptive in class, just sits and doesn't pay attention. He misses directions for assignments and tests.
I don't know what to do to help him, and the teacher is at a loss. (She was convinced it was ADD, although I don't see the signs at home.)
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hello Kzumsteg welcome to the site. Have you had your sons hearing tested by any chance as I doubt a child with ADD would just sit and not be disruptive at all, sounds to me more like he cannot hear what is going on ?

Attention deficit can, I believe, occur without the hyperactivity component and it is very hard to spot- the hyperactivity part (manifesting as challenging behaviour) being the bit that gets ADHD kids noticed. So I'm guessing that's why the teacher wondered about that.

I suppose the next step is to assess his understanding of the instructions- is he having trouble in working out what to do- and maybe a hearing check perhaps???

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Hello and welcome from me as well. I would also agree with getting his hearing and eyesight tested. Could you ask the teacher if he can sit very close to her, so that she can keep a close eye on him, as well, and ask him questions to test his understanding.

How is his academic performance? Can he read, write, spell, do maths to the same level as his peers?

hello and welcome, id get his hearing checked aswell, its the first thing i did with my son, it might b worth while seening his gp, they may refer him to a p/tition

Hi - my son was like that too. He has since been diagnosed with dyspraxia which can affect ability to follow instructions - he is dyslexic as well yet is IQ is at mensa level - he just used to switch off and go into his own thoughts - not disrupting anyone but not getting anything done either. Good luck!

My daughter has DAMP which is deficient of attention and motor control and perception - bit of a mouthful. She was non attentive in class and the teacher actually has to say her name before a task is required of her or she does not think it is for her. She is not naughty just quiet. How is your child's speach and co-ordintation as this is also part of DAMP.

I would suggest teacher sits him in front of her and says his name before every task. Good luck

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Hy and welcome, one of the most basic things with SALT issues is to make eye contact after using the child's name - this needs working on in a class situation though and might need the presence of an LSA to let the child know this includes them too.

How's it going ?