Do you take paid hobbies into account when allocating pocket money ?

No I don't take hobbies into account. They are paid for by us as an extra. Having said that, I won't just pay out "on a whim" for clubs/activities I know they are not going to stick at. DS goes to Scouts and JuJitsu - we pay for all that. DD does dancing - we pay for that.

Both kids have had swimming classes/lessons - but I consider those a necessity not a luxury so we have paid for them too.

DS is now on about joining some climbing club - that's fine, but he'll be paying for it unless he gives up one of the other two things he does. Money is not unlimited here and they need to know that.


Pocket money is a lot, lot less than we spend on hobbies!

As Trishikins says, as they grow up we too will aim for the idea of funding maybe 3 hobbies and any more they want to do they either have to fund themselves or give up something else.

Oh totally agree Daedalus - it's a lot less on PM than it is on hobbies!

Take DS and his Scouts for example - not too expensive at £25 per quarter BUT then there are the camps to take into account and summer camp runs into hundreds of pounds. Same with DD and her dancing - that is £6 per week but then there are the outfits, shoes, shows, exams etc so PM is a LOT LESS than that lot.

DD now wants to join Rainbows and we'll pay for that too. The limit for clubs here is two - unless they are free of charge of course!! Not that I've ever come across many clubs FOC!

P doesnt get regular pocket money yet, so the issue has not yet arisen. I worked out that i spend about £21/week on clubs for her during the winter (she does five things) so couldn't really expect her to pay for them out of pocket money.

I know my mother used to give me less pocket money than my sisters because i had riding lessons and they didn't. When she stopped me going to riding lessons, the pocket money didn't go up though. Very suspicious, that!

Lol, BFG, i did gymnastics, dancing and swimming and got less pocket money.....when i stopped mine didn't go up either.....

The boys only do swimming lessons at the mo, but don't get pocket money anyway. Don't know how long that will last though!

With us its always been a case of with 4 of them doing hobbies we couldn't afford to do that and dish out pocket money. To be fair to them they've never really asked for pocket money, think its different too when they're younger and they're happy with a £1 or 2 here and there, but when they're older they're purchases get more expensive!

Now we give one of them money each week but he knows that on the odd occassion he goes out with his mates then he has to pay for it, he used to go to a music studio a few months back and had to pay for that out of his then earnings as we already pay for his football.

The youngest still go dancing and have just started piano lessons so no pocket money for them just yet! Sometimes their nan will give them a fiver each and they look after it and make it last :D (well, 3 of them do).

I pay for hobbies and sports.

Pocket money is the same for them all - whether they work or not.

Two of mine have horses, two don't - I don't give the two that don't any extra money..... although I am toying with buying her a camera because she is going to do that for A level and it seems fair.

At the moment we don't give pocket money, although we're thinking about it.

We pay for both of ours to have swimming lessons (£17 a month each) and they both go to Girls' Brigade (£40 a year each plus uniform) but they don't do any other paid for activities. They both go to the church cartoon club once a month and they are going to a kids event for all the local churches this Saturday (they'll even get their tea at it) but they are both free as is the club DD2 goes to at MIL's church every Tuesday.

My dd doesn't get pocket money yet, but does a few activities. Her dancing is £16 a month, and we alternate horse-riding (£10) and ice-skating lessons (£9) to once a fortnight for each, we couldn't afford to do both every week. She's starting swimming lessons next week, which will be a few pounds a week, but feel that's a must.

So are activities more important than spends do you think ?