Do you take paid hobbies into account when allocating pocket money ?

It doesn't really apply to me now but when the girls were younger they both did dance classes, ED did horse riding for a while as well and I never counted those in with pocket money. That was totally separate.

ursh x

I found the dance class cost ok, it was the exams and competitions that really hurt the pocket - did yours get that far Ursh ?

Exams yes, comps no thank goodness! Chalie got Honours in her first exam too :)

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ES does drama which is £6 a week for his basic lesson. If he has extra classes for a festival it's an extra £5 (luckily he only seems to want to do the local festival). Festival entrance fees are resonable too (usually under £10).
He gets pocket money but rarely asks for it, so I am now transfering it striaght into his bank account. He is saving for a PS3 game at the moment and a video camera.

Ys doesn't do a club (not sure what sort would take him tbh considering he needs one to one help) and we don't give him pocket money because he isn't ready or needs it yet.
I buy him treats form time to time though.

WEll done Charlie she really didn't seem the ballet type lol.

The dance competitions cost a fortune! Emily was in one at The Grand Theatre last March and she is in another one this October at the same place. There's money for the costumes, money for new shoes (ballet, tap and jazz), money for the cost of hire of The Grand, extra lessons before the show which have to be paid for and then (and this is what REALLY BUGS DH) we have to pay to go and watch her in the show too. I am also expected to help out below stairs on one of the show nights too. Last year it was horrendous. I didn't know what to expect and I had a room full of about 40 3 year olds to help dress and do hair. One girl fell and bit her tongue and I thought her mother would smack me one but she didn't! Then someone came down to the bowels of the theatre shouting "Has anyone seen Emily only we can't find her". Can you imagine what I was like then? Turns out she was on stage with the rest of her group!

I have told them I can't help out this time. Not with a baby in tow too. The dance teacher did suggest I left baby with DH but I can't can I? Ill be breastfeeding!!!! I KNEW that excuse would come in good sooner or later!

Been there done that and tbh was relieved with ED said she didnt want to go any further, *wipes brow with relief* lol

Don't mention dance exam costs!!!! Could do with taking out a loan when my two have 2 or 3 each to do, was quite relieved when ED packed up cause used to have 3 lots to pay for. Luckily they take longer to do their grades now so don't get so many exams. I like them doing their dancing though so would be quite sad if they packed it up.

They did competitions for a while years back and I got fed up of paying for each dance entered and each time we seemed to be competing against the same children doing the same dances, then there was the costumes to pay for too.

Swimming wasn't bad cossies are relatively cheap compared to dance costumes lol

I actually meant dance "shows" not competitions! Oops!