first shoes?

Hi my little one after a week or two of walking is really on the go. Id like to get her some shoes really just for playing in the garden as she is in a pushchair any other time. I have two much older children and i remember HAVING to go to Clarkes but really do you think its neccessary? are clarkes just a name with more expensive shoes? also i dont think i can stand the ticket and wait for ages session!!!

Children should wear proper fitted shoes, their feet are still developing and if not correctly fitted could cause problems in later life. Personally I think the expense is worth it

I'm a fan of no shoes for babies tbh, but yup when O started walking I went to Clarks and got him properly fitted. They do seem to know what they're doing, and they're very helpful, and thus far O is still in Clarks and as Jacs says, I think they're worth the money.

Also, if the shoes don't get much wear, try ebaying them, I do that with O's Clarks shoes - he must go up a half size every 3 months (his feet are huuuuuuuge, size 12 atm, and he's 4) and they sell for £15-£18 every time).

Yep, I agree with the others - I've always bought Clarks for mine. We have an independent shop that do Start Rite as well, but as both kids have weird sized feet (very broad) they never have any SR available with such a wide fitting. Similarly, I can't get shoes from other shops, even Brantano don't usually do their widths (Ellis is an I fitting, and Fin is an H).

It's well worth getting her feet measured properly, and fitted with a decent, supportive pair of leather shoes - particularly whilst her feet are so fragile. Clarks might seem expensive, but I find that the boys' shoes last very, very well and they have never suffered any rubbing / blisters. You can't compromise on decent shoes, I don't think. Shoes and decent coats are the most important items of clothing a child can have!!

When it's warmer and she's had more experience walking in her 'good' shoes, there'll be little harm in getting her a pair of sandals for kicking about it - as the boys' feet are very wide, I find that the 'surf' style sandals with adjustable velcro straps are brilliant because they can be fitted for comfort; and they don't cost a fortune; but I do think that getting a good, decent pair of shoes for a new walker is really important. In fact, I'm a bit neurotic about their feet, so even in the summer I won't let them wear sandals ALL the time, they wear their normal shoes as well. (Not at the same time, obviously!).

in summer open sandals are fine as long as they fit the width etc., in fact they are ideal as they don't put as much pressure on developing feet. It's the closed in shoes that can cause a lot of damage. I can't begin to describe the horrific things I've seen as a result of ill fitting shoes.
Al mine have H fittings MOT

Is it the closed in shoes 'pinching' the sides of the feet near the toes, Jacqs? You know, where us grown-ups get bunions?

I love those velcro sandals - they're a godsend. I was wary at first, but I checked for any signs of rubbing and, even when Ellis had walked through sand in them, his feet were perfect.

I'll be honest - Fin has ONE pair of shoes - Clarkes 'First Walkers'. Ellis has, erm, three sets of footwear, currently - his Clarkes shoes, his wellies, and the black pumps he has to wear in nursery. He wears his Clarkes shoes every single day - he's had them since August. We took him in for new shoes last week, his feet haven't grown and, structurally, the shoes are still fine, and Clarks just said 'come back in about a month or 6 weeks and check again' - they didn't try the 'hard sell' at all, I was really impressed. Another shop might have said 'Oooh, they're a bit battered looking, and the velcro isn't sticking as well as it could....better get a new pair'; so I was chuffed they didn't try and press me into a new pair.

I also find that Clarks do BRILLIANT sales; though I'm not entirely sure when they are on - we got Ellis' in August, and they were £36.00 reduced to £11.50 because they were 'last season' and, probably, extra off for being an unusual width. You can't complain about that, can you?

In comparison, Fin's first walkers were £32.00 for a fraction of the well spent, though, as they do seem very comfy and they are worn every day. We've had them, what, about 2 months now and they still look brand new.

I'm such a tightarse with most things - most of their clothes are second-hand, or even third or fourth hand, but I cannot begrudge money for good shoes. I've gone without dinners to squirrel enough away for Clarkes shoes, but it's been worth it.

it's the toes and heels that get affected badly. I for one am grateful that my mum despite every other failing ensured we all had decent shoes growing up.
Going barefoot is also very good, shoes needn't be worn all the time, feet need to have freas air, be allowed to 'splay' properly, even now I'm wary of what I put on my feet

MOT that's one of the things I like best about Clarks - the honesty. That and the fact their shoes last forever in spite of Olly's best efforts at destroying them!

I went to Clinks for Kids for Lu's first shoes. They stock all the "good" makes and they are all properly fitted. There were three shoes in Lu's size. 1 pair of Clarkes, 1 pair of Startrite and 1 pair of Hush Puppies. I got her the Startrite ones (see other thread lol). I'm glad I didn't just go to Clarkes or I would have had a choice of, urmmm, one!

I bought Clarkes or Start rite tll A was about 10. I'm a bit more easy going now, he's in mens sizes and I've found a few Brantano pairs that have been ok in the width etc.

Alex is very very hard on his shoes... and it drives me up the wall!

My fave pair that Alex ever had were Start Rite, it was a T-bar dark blue shoe and had planets embroidered (or the leather equivalent of embroidered, anyway- embossed? sewn?) on the toe- so cute.

Oh an that's another thing- I don't wear leather, but I've always bought leather shoes for Alex. The non leather ones simply aren't supportive enough, except for the very expensive ones that are properly fitted etc, and they would have cost £80 a pop plus a trip to Brighton. *eek*

See your all lucky with your Clarks as when I get them they fall apart or after about a month they dont fit. We only have one shop now as the other closed so I have to trek now to Glasgow to see if they have any decent ones. Oh and if the shoes still fitted here they would try and sell me new ones. So you are all very lucky indeed.