How do I request Transport ?


Got to do the info for the 'panel' for Statutory Assesment, High school think that I should ask for Transport they already have two children coming from our area and so she could double up if they said yes which would be ok for her.

She is socially vulnerable, has no concept of money, no road sense, no sense of direction and would go off with any one if they managed to get her attention and made her think I was ok with that.

School feels it would be more indenpendant for her to be taxi'd and I must admit I agree although I dont' mind taking her.

Any advice for me peoples please ?

p xx

mine have taxi'd before - when they were quite little.... and the taxi picked them up and dropped them off at the house. It was fairly structured, and they got on fine with the drivers, I think they were well chosen.

You can always have a go, if it doesn't work out you can change things later.

Will she have an escort, or the same taxi driver regularly, if so try and get them to meet K beforehand

As to requesting transport put a letter in writing to the LEA, explaining about K's needs for social interaction and the recommendations of the school, also as it'll go to a different dept explain that she is undergoing statutory assessment. They should be able to organise it from there

Corris it's how to ask for it if she gets a statement or support. According to our LA on SAP she should get the same provision as a statement but I imagine if they dont' give the statement they'll baulk at the taxi, should we get the statement taxi would be easier to get provided.

We got it with ES but it was a different process totally.

Polly I had to fight for ES .... I sent the LEA letters from his Consultant; Ed psych; Parent support worker and even school Doctor.
Even the H/T of his Primary school agreed but felt he couldn't put his name to paper.

I wrote a letter saying I would hold LEA to task if ES got in a fight etc. Admitedly they had already agree that he needed an 'educational placement' and I argues that if ES needed an educational placement then he also needed the transport to go with it.

They agreed in the end but I only learnt that they said 'Yes' after the end of June when he started in the August.

I think we will have to fight too, bottom line is she CANNOT go alone, you met her and she has no sense of money or travel alone and is far too immature to learn right now.

She got upset in the cafe the other day and went into the garden centre and brought flowers to say sorry and didn't realise she needed to pay for them. She put them back and stood trying to work out what money she would need to do that - she was in tears at the end almost with frustration.

I agree that having met her that she would really struggle on the bus and would be extremely vulnerable. I'm not sure she would need actually an escort as such if she could travel to school by education transport taxi.

Can she travel safely in the car or is there always a second person there? Would she try and open the doors before the car stopped?

Personally I dont' think she would need an escort - apparantly there is a year 11 girl that goes by taxi who they think will go back to sixth form who passes our house dam near to get there. She could double up there and that would ideal, travelling with an older girl would increase her confidence so much.

Go for it.
Get your letters of support from EVERYONE who knows her. I even used swimming teachers. LoL. Would your Minister write a supporting letter? Does she still have S/W input? Obviously SALT etc.

OO never thought about that, one of the ministers is an ex teacher - wonder if she would put a supporting letter in ? Paed has said she will, SALT already submitting for Stat assessment, thanks will try for it lol