DD is now walking to school on her own but...........


why as I don't have to now rush to get out too in the mornings is it 8 minutes passed 10 and I'm still sat here in my pyjammas?!!

think I need a new system I have so much to do today too! (I'll just have a cup of coffee and get on with some jobs or have a bath or.........)

Ahh I sometimes wish I knew that feeling lol, I have never had it, ES was never able to go to school on his own, oh he would have done it but he was terrorised by older lads, and tbh there were some nasty girls out there who thought it was funny to torment him about his CP.

YS has on occasion dropped DD off for me BUT he's a law unto himself in the mornings so I had to be up and dressed just in case - so you enjoy it, it's a magic time for them even if it leaves you with time to relax lol.

Hopefully you are dressed by now :O :D

Yes, bathed and dressed and have filled a couple of bin bags of DDs stuff!! Just back for a cup of coffee while I decide what to do with them!!