What could the election mean for education?


Sarah Ebner, editor of The Times Online's Education blog, school gate (http://timesonline.typepad.com/schoolgate/ ), has written an interesting piece for us on what the parties are planning for our kids if they get into power. http://www.mychild.co.uk/articles/election-2010-what-could-it-mean-for-e... .

Does the thought of another term under the power of Balls scare you, or is Michael Gove a threat to schools as we know them? What do you think?

I fear that, as a nation, we are so in debt that there will have to be sweeping cuts across all public services. As such, it doesn't really matter who wins because they won't have the money for any reforms.

Balls scares me as he's made so many promises already that he hasn't kept. I have children in mainstream and special education who have been let down by his empty promises.

However I think promises made at election time are often empty so I'll wait and see

Well yes at this stage it's all just promises and then there is the impact of the debt. But if the Conservatives get in and keep their promise we'll be setting up and running our own schools ....!

It does scare me what will happen, at the moment despite the rubbish set up of the Educational system both girls are doing well and in good schools, however I some times think a lot of what goes on IN the school is down to the ethos rather than the funding IYSWIM. So not sure what will happen but no faith in Balls.