The Queen to dissolve parliament

Following the General Election and the failure of the public to elect a single party, and the failure of the parties to be able to work together, the Queen has announced she has dissolved parliament and will be running the country herself.

Details are still sketchy, but the initial cabinet is looking something like:

The Queen - PM
The Duke of Edinburgh - Foreign and Commonwealth affairs
The Prince of Wales - Environment, Food and Rural affairs
The Duchess of Cornwall - Children, Schools and Family affairs
Prince William - Business, Innovation and Skills
Prince Harry - Chancellor of the Exchequer

=)) especially the duke of E, being famed for his diplomacy and tact of course... snigger!

Superb. I think she'd do a darn sight better job than the muppets who still can't compromise.

I was going to say the same as Colly. Are you sure this is in the right section - rather than 'The News'?