Lego Land

Hi everyone, hope you are all well?
Just about to book to take the boys to Legoland for two days with a hotel for the night inbetween and need to pick your brains!
1 - Do you get to jump queues?
2 - Are they ASD friendly?
3 - Anyone had a good experience at a hotel near there that they would recommend?

Thanks all
Karen x

I'm pretty sure that people have found Lego Land very ASD friendly but I am not so sure about hotels in the area. Go straight to Customer services or even better ring them in advance and see what they say, I am pretty sure they will give you a wrist band each so that you can legitimately queue jump. I think most rides have a separate entrance, you may get better seats at the shows as well.

We have had some great days out at lego land over the years so I'm sure you will have a fab time.

=)) Just been looking at their website this evening!
You need to take proof of Disabilty that actually states their disabilty. Blue/Orange disabilty badge not enough ... not sure about whether a DLA letter would be good enough. They suggest either a GP's or Hospital letter.

When are you aiming to go?

Well we were thinking the first week of the summer hols, but been reading the reviews and they state that it gets very busy and queues are huge to get in and get out etc! So will prob go during school term time to avoid this!
Got the tickets through Merlins Magic Wand!

We took our autistic son to Legoland just before Easter. The only concession we had was a free ticket for me as a carer. Though i repeated several times that my son has a disability and showed the letter from DWA, we were not offered any assitance, and that day will stay in my memory as one hell of a trip. The queues were endless, and unfortunately my son doesn't understand that he has to wait in the queue. He was very stressed, people kept staring at us. I could never understand why people are so hostile to disabled children, it truly breaks my heart, and don't even mention the comments and unsolicited advice. For us Legoland turned to be a very autistic-unfriendly place. I also emailed their customer services a couple of weeks before our trip, explaning our situation, nobody ever bothered to reply.
Never again.

I emailed them last week and they replied and said about the hand stamp if we give them written confirmation from a consultant or GP about their condition and the way it affects them directly.
So fingers crossed, I'll let you know x

Are you planning to go at the weekend? I suppose there will be less peopl during the week, unless it's a midterm break, of course. Another suggestion: take some snacks and drinks with you, as everything there is overpriced.
Good luck, and fingers crossed!

Thanks honey, we will probably go during term time so it is quiet xx