Links between learning

They say that autistics can't do this.But I know that not to be true. Why? Because somewhere in the middle of the Maths exam Alex just took, he apparently started writing about Cubism *grin*

You know those exam bloopers that are occasionally bandied round the humour sections? I bet a fair few of those are from literal thinking autstics! :)

Beth x

Oh, the maths exam was very successful actually- joint eighth in his class and well above the year avarage. But I DID laugh when I heard about the cubism. Pretty funny huh?

Urmm I'm thick Beth cos I cannot think of anything that could be written about cubism BUT if OH were around he could probably explain lol

Alex is doing very well isn't he, Well done xx

It was an art movement Polly. *grin* that's why its so funny he piped up with it in a Maths exam!