Allotment sharing


I was just out front staking up my broad beans (not that they are big enough yet, but y'know) and a lady came past- Oh, she said, I've been hoping to talk to you. Apparently she has a big double allotment she hasn't the time to care for -something about Hugh Fernley Whittingstall saying share your allotments- and would I like to garden on a bit of it?

Hell yeah!

I can use the shed and the greenhouse- hurrah! So in the next couple weeks, I'll go and see the patch- (part is dug and covered with a black sheet, part needs digging apparently *groan*)- and hopefully grow some winter veggies :)

Am a very happy bunny today!

What an opportunity! Good for you.

I do rather feel like I've won the lottery!

Even a few square metres would do me nicely :) Can't wait!

that's fantastic. When any plots on our allotments come free they are now splitting them for any new plot holders to try to cut down the waiting list.

Still plenty of time to get loads in. This weekend I plan to sow some more lettuce / mix salad leaves, cabbage & cauliflower.

Wow, that's brilliant Beth! Yes, Hugh FW is very into this 'Landshare' project. What a lovely lady, though - she's obviously seen your efforts and appreciated how much dedication you've put into this.

You know what - we've been on the allotment list for five years. The community garden opened on Saturday last, and on Tuesday I got a call from the council to ask me if I wanted a plot at the site in Rutherglen. Typical, huh? Is that Sod's Law, or what?

I said no. When we applied, we didn't have two small children, and the allotments are quite a distance away on public transport. OK, I'd have more space, but I wouldn't get there as often as I'd like to; whereas I have 24 foot by 3 foot plus the use of the polytunnel a 10 minute walk / 4 minute cycle away. It seemed odd giving up the chance of an allotment, but I hope it goes to someone who will give it the love and attention it deserves - someone like you - as my kids are too small for me to commit to that.

Good luck with it! and congratulations.

well what with one thing and another I only got to see it today. We dug over a small patch (one sq metre or so) and planted the putrefying spuds so we'll see what they do... There's maybe 3 m more I can plant on, it's too late now to plant the butternut squash as it died :) but we'll stick some carrots and chard in as well and see what happens. It's fairly solid obviously given the weather so I might wait till it's rained a bit!!

There's another patch I can have that is currently rock solid, not a chance of digging it now. its about 2m x 3m and covered with plastic but the lady says if I dig it over come autumn I should be able to plant in the spring. So that's ten ish square metres of luffly land which it should be possible to do lots and lots with next year :) Hurrah!

Don't know how I missed this when you posted initially but way to go, that's fab news especially use of the greenhouse.


Ok so I've been out today to find things that plant in July :)

So I've ended up with... broccoli (this is a long shot and if we don't have a long hot summer it won't grow), Fennel (ditto, but I'll just eat em small) little gem lettuces and pak choi. I already have carrots, chard and spinach. I'm defo pushing it with the broccoli and fennel.

So now got to wait for allotment owner to get me a key... hopefully soon, plot needs digging and planting up ASAP!

have been up tonight and picked strawberries (didn't mke it home got ate there) peas in the pod, loads of lettuce leaves, spring onion. Dug up one potato plant just to see & have enough new potatoes for 2/3 meals for all of us. Also dug up the garlic and some onions to dry out.