Name a book you have found on the subject


Name a book you have bought or would buy about being a step mother or father.

I bought one, but I can't tell you the name because I threw it away.

It was american, and served with 'frosting' really - didn't deal with the real issues faced and thought as a step mum you should just be a constant font of love and adoration to his kids fairly regardless of how you were treated by him, them, or his ex.........

As it had no relevance to my personal situation I binned it.

Well, I know of one ... lol

See I am the same but it was a gift and I didnt buy it.

I got upset earlier when on Amazon looking for books and all I could find was the abuse books about step parents.

I have to say it looks like society would have us believe that all step mothers are wicked and all step fathers abuse so wrong eh? Cos most dont. We might not like or even love our step kids but to harm nope we wouldnt.

I've never bought one and my oldest SD from my first marriage is 18 now. Youngest SD is 5.
I got on really well with 18's mum, but I dont with youngest's Mum at all, not through my trying I might add, but hey ho, I've given up now.

Are you looking for one for a child about having step parents or for an adult on being a step parent?
Novel or factual?
Just wondering.

She isn't AM - she's interested in the books out there because we have a webchat tomorro with the author or a new stepparenting 'guide'.

Yup what corris said AM just looking. I like to have my "facts" about me.

I have to say been doing this for a lot of years and I am still learning.

Corris I am wondering if its the book I found on it too and the step kids used to treat her like shit and she let them now thats crazy. Just reading bits of it from what I could find.

Why the hell are they all bloody gushy, sugar coated or the abuse ones nowt inbetween.

As you can guess I have been looking a lot. Well I am a step parent after all. LOL!!!!

I looked when hubby came into ourP and my life just to see what there was and couldn't find anything, that was 15 years ago

See this is what C said as well there was nowt out there and that was 11 years ago why has there been no change then.

Probably because no publishing house wants to hear from a man on how to be a successful step-parent, appalling