party help


In 4 weeks time my son and I are going to have a party here for us leaving the area [ not moving south till July, but moving out if this house end of June ]
This is to say goodbye to both of our friends in this area.

I am not good at organising parties for both adults and children, so need your help to have a successful one. Where do I start with food and drink, music etc? What should I have here for the children, most of them are over 5.

Any ideas as to how to arrange this to make it a really fantastic night would be greatly appreciated :D

Why not go for buffet food for all, you can get some great foods from Iceland, such as mini hotdogs, cornish pasties etc
Drink, make fruit punches for the children, they love that sort of thing
Music, just have it on in the background, so just put on what you normally listen to

AS to how to make it a great night you and your friends will do that, but how about as a leaving present to all your friends you give each a little gift - a letter from you and your son about how much their friendship has meant to you

That's a lovely idea, Jacs

Try ebay for any party decorations you want

Food as Jacs said, buffet always goes down well. Home made mini pizzas, mini quiche, mini sausages, sausage rolls, cheese and onion rolls, mini chinese or indian snacks, pasta salad, normal salad, dips with raw veg, sandwiches (cheese, egg, ham, tuna), cupcakes, jelly sweets (haribo), make some home made custard creams or gingerbread biscuits, 3 colour jellys, adult 3 colour jellys,