Asda baby clothing recall

Asda has recalled some of its baby clothing range after transfers on the items became loose, the retailer said today.

The supermarket chain is recalling the George Baby Basics three-pack of sleep suits and seven-pack of body suits, which sold for £6.

Yep, we've had those vests in the past and yep, the transfers do come off after washing. Wouldn't have thought it warranted a full recall, though....a 'choking hazard', I assume?

I used lots of the Asda basics stuff - without problem.

Better to be safe though

I use Asda stuff and tbh the transfers come off after a fair few hot washes but no more so than the likes of Adams who's clothes are triple the price.

Yeah ive noticed that too M2A, its certainly not only George clothes it happens to and ive never heard of any other items being recalled. BUT like Kom says, better to be safe than sorry