Web chat: Clare Winstanley - author of Spelling Made Magic


Here's our web chat with education expert Clare Winstanley 

Author, teacher and (perhaps most importantly) mum, Clare Winstanley is an expert in spelling and literacy for children diagnosed with dyslexia. She also has vast experience of working with children for whom spelling is a challenge. And with those who just need an extra boost. Clare has an amazing ability to help children make positive, HAPPY, easy associations with spelling using everyday objects. Clare is also the author of our brilliant book, Spelling Made Magic.

Here's some more information about Spelling Made Magic

Oh woo I'd like to let her know how much we love her book and that my OH said he would have killed for this as a rubbish spelling teen.

I was talking to our school Senco about the book, and she was quite interested, - but she is out on a school residential trip this week. :(

My son isn't dx'd dyslexic, but he has speech and language difficulties which impact on his literacy and ability to spell phonetically (as well as other words! lol). What strategies would you suggest to help him?

How is your book better than others out there. Why is your book on the dear side.

My lad is dyslexic among other things so finds reading a chore at times but if Dr Who different matter of course.

Dolly do you really think it's too much ? Thinking of what the students have to pay for text books we felt it was actually good value for money, less than the small Repotoire de Cuisine I had to buy years ago for college.

Some books out there on the same subject are half the price Polly hence me asking and a lot of parents wont be able to afford it unless they borrow from a library and it might not stock it. I would love to have a copy just to see what it was all about and if it would help Al and Dan.

It's not a book book though Dolly, it's a really comprehensive guide to learning not just how to spell but why words are spelt the way they are, tricks to get to grips with spelling - it's amazingly good.

M (OH) learnt to read phonetically as did G (YS) neither can spell, it' really bothers M he hates it and as an adult he's learning from this book - when you think how much you would pay for a reading book for a child and how many you would buy over their lifetime this works out really cheap - I know it's an initial outlay but if you look on it more as a learning aid it makes more sense. (no I'm not on commission lol just hooked).

Anyways going to dissapear now so people can ask questions :\

bugger I wont be here for it.

Doesnt mean I would miss this cos I wouldnt but another for you

Do you see yourself as an expert as they are saying or someone that wanted help others with your knowledge, but not as an expert as per say. Not wording this well am I but hope you get what I mean.

My comments/questions are without having seen the book.

Is it the teaching that is generally 'wrong' or just the English language? Would she be in favour of simplifying English spelling? What one word does she wish was spelt differently?

In Clare's experience, are bilingual children better, worse or no different at English spelling than monolinguals? Does it depend on the second language? (Disclosure: my children are bilingual English/Russian.)

Good questions. Thanks Daedy.

Any more questions for Clare?