There is a meet hopefully taking place at Diggerland North Yorkshire in the w/c 9 August - probably the latter end of the week. Anyone interested??

And Ev, how's it looking?

Yes please ;)

Well timed Fredd - I'll be back from my hols x

where in north yorkshire is it??

thats why i was confuseled - its west yorkshire xx

if there is a few of us im in xx

Yes - here's hoping.
NickiL may be up with me at that time dates aren't set right yet :)

Im thinking I might just stop off there on my way to Whitby Fredd, so yeh im in depending on when.

Depending on dates, yeah I think so.

I would love to join you, depending on when my new grand child arrives! He / she is due that week.

IS this instead of the Warrington meet up???? Im in :D

I can't come but.... how cool does diggerland look? Oh my, I'm moving to West Yorkshire... I wanna go on a digger!