It's her last day today


My eldest girly has her final exam this morning (2.5 hours on statistics!) - and then she no longer goes to school.

She can attend an assembly monday if she likes, but to all intents and purposes she's left.

I gave her her last ever pocket money today.

And I feel kinda sad. Like today should be marked somehow.

Of course she doesn't and is doing her exam and disappearing into town with friends until 8pm without a backward glance at her poor old mum who has spent the last 16 years focused on homework and governors meetings and letters and uniform........

But I feel a bit lost.

I would feel exactly the same Corris.

I dread the day mine leave school. They grow up far too fast don't they?

oooh corris i feel sad and ive got 8 years till mine think about leaving school. our primary school does a special leavers assembly for the children .i've never been cos it very emotional apparently my wee 7 year old has cried at the past 2 he has attended and is already saying he prob will at this years on tues-they attend a school with only 150 so all the kids know each other.

big hugs to you

they do.

We talked on the way in about how she has one friend who goes 'all ridiculous' when she gets whistled or shouted at in the street.

Further quizzing reveals my daughter is permanently shouted at, whistled at, asked for her number........... yesterday 'two blokes where leaning so far out of their car windows as they drove past me and Soph I thought they would fall out, I turned around to look and blimey three more blokes where hanging out of cars!'.

I expressed true motherly disapproval and she said 'the funniest was some old guy in a sports car, he slowed right down to have a look'....... then two boys on the beach kept yelling Poppy at us, I said we didn't have any Poppy's and he said 'emily', 'chloe' and kept trying to guess our names - eventually we told them to get lost and they pulled moonies at us.....

Oh help me. I can't take the strain. Living by the seaside sometimes has it's downsides - I dread to think what her and Soph weren't wearing when they wandered into town off the beach for chips!

I remember the feeling Corris, my ES finished school a year ago and it finally hit home at just how much he has grown. He and a group of friends went to Pizza Hut and then back to someones house for a party that lasted 3 days at different houses.

Hope she enjoys her last day, even if it is exam time and maybe I should send you a valium or 2 cos it sounds like you might need it, or you could always make her wear clothing that covers her from head to toe

Bourka! Bourka! Bourka!


Hope her exam goes OK and that she enjoys herself this afternoon.

MS left just over a week ago - we all sighed with relief! Onwards to college, employment and a happy life for all leaving school this year,


Before you know it she'll be heading for 20 :O I agree the years fly by all too quickly, so sad really!

I hope she enjoys her final day :)
ursh x