"I have 2 daft dogs, a Northern Inuit & a black lab,"


I cant comment on the thread 4boys posted it 'cos I have more than 50 posts. I had to google Northern Inuit as I'd not heard of one before and I'm quite into my dog breeds. They look gorgeous. Pre having a fur allergic DD, DH wanted an Alaskan Malamute, but I bet he'd have loved the Northern Inuit.

4boys can you post a photo of yours please?

yeh sure chick gimme a sec :)


My doggy Inca.. tried to upload more but its saying Ive reached my quota lol

Inca is a very dopey animal, but is also very bossy. Shes only been with me 18 months or so (shes almost 6), she didnt have much lead training as a puppy so she is a nightmare to walk.

NIs are very loving dogs though, wouldnt part with Inca for the world.

I'm actually allergic to dogs, am allergic to our black lab Ruby lol but Incas fur doesn't bother me at all, no rashes, sneezing coughing or anything like I get next to Ruby x

Lovely photo!

And I have never heard of Northern Inuit either .....

Thankyou Leeds...they don't stay clean for very long after trudging through the woods like lol

How beautiful - I bet he/she has been very hot lately though!

Corris wrote:
How beautiful - I bet he/she has been very hot lately though!

yeah she has Corris, haven't been able to take her out somedays the last couple of weeks for the heat so shes been doing her favourite past-time of chasing the water out of the hose-pipe in the garden...she always looks confused as to why she can never catch it all though lol, other times i'm taking her out at 9pm


She is gorgeous!

Thanks for posting the photos, I will have to show DH when he is home at the weekend!

Thanksyou girls :) You are very welcome E.

I'll inbox you :)