It would seem


that MOT is a genius (in the words of Roo). I followed her advice on my stingers a while back. I planted Roo's pumpkins a couple of months ago and they were kind of looking sorry for themselves. I got a bit busy with life so hadn't had chance to cut the stingers back. They grew all around Roo's pumpkin plant - you should see the size of the leaves and yellow flowers because of it! So thanks MOT because if I had just sprayed them I have a feeling the pumpkin plant wouldn't be thriving like it is now :) Thanks hun x

what was the advice because any advice to help my pumpkins would be greatfully recieved

Oooh Miss, Ohh Miss, I know this, I know this!!!

What you can do is to cut the top tender leafs off regularly first, you can blanch them and use them instead of spinach in soups / omelettes etc.

The rest of the nettle can be cut back hard, and used to make a brilliant nettle tea for your garden - all you need is a dustbin with a lid, because it smells like mad. Just pop your nettles into an old pillowcase or old hessian sack, and plonk it into a bin filled with water. Stir it twice a day, and after around 4 weeks you'll have a lovely organic fertiliser that is very high in nitrogen which is excellent for all plants, especially brassicas. My grandfather used to just pour it straight onto the soil around his plants, and use it before planting up; but some people prefer to dilute it 50/50 with rainwater or tap water left outside overnight (to get rid of the chlorine), particularly if plants are quite small.

Regular cutting down of nettles WILL weaken the plant and destroy it over time, so I think it's worth it to have a nice fertiliser for free. Don't put them in your compost, unless you have a hot-box, because normal composting won't kill the nettle and it'll just spread through the compost and end up back on the garden. Digging them out and then covering with a sun-blocking membrane can work, but it can take ages and ages - there's no really easy way to get rid of them. It's up to you if you use weedkiller, but I'm an organic gardener so can't really condone it, I'm afraid - but so far, it doesn't look as though it's helping that much, does it?!

You should try to leave some nettles growing through, because they are very good at attracting predatory insects to protect your garden, as well as bees and butterflies to pollenate.

This is her advice on how to get rid of them - I have been cutting them back but am guilty of not using them just recycling them as havn't had the time atm. Because I havn't had the time to cut them back recently they have really grown - They seem to have gravitated towards my pumpkins and the leaves on it now are HUGE! So are the yellow flowers. If you have stingers I would advise planting your pumkins near them - they really are doing something to them! If I had just sprayed them with weed killer then I wouldn't have them and my pumpkins wouldn't have survived I don't think. x

Glad the pumpkins are thriving :)

With the nettle tea you need a strong stomach! I remember Alys saying once on her show that the smell was making her gag- at that point I decided that nettle tea was defo not for me... :P

=)) I'm not a fan of the tea I must say x

*is now blushing like mad*...........what a lovely post, Roo. Thank you. I'm glad you have super-dooper pumpkins and that my tip worked for you!!

Sorry mot didn't mean to make you blush lol! When I tok roo about your tip and that's why hi pumpkin was huge he just smiled and went 'she genius' lol thanks mot x x x