Monday is the big day


Counting days until Monday for when my planned section will take place. Really tired and fed up by now, as it's been several weeks that my body is itching all over. I had so many blood tests, as the MFs are worried I might have a liver dysfunction. The medication makes me utterly drowsy, so I don't feel like taking the prescribed amount, I am also worried about the effect it has on my baby, who also hardly moves even if I take 2 pills out of 4, and if I take one, it has no effect whatsoever and the itching just drives me crazy. I stay in bed and keep watching at the clock.
Went to see the anaesthetist (sp?) this week, and hope I won't go in labour before Monday as the hospital is pretty far. I already booked a taxi and packed the bags.
Also inquired about the price of the private room, hoping that my husband would be able to stay with me overnight, but they charge an insane amount of money, £478 per night, and if I have to stay 4 nights in the hospital, it's just too expensive. So, general ward it is, with other Mums and wailing babies and hords of visitors and passers by, with me on a morphine drip for 24 hours and a pee bag attached. Anyway, anything is better than this constant itching.

Just wanted to say Good luck to Trishkins and anyone else who is having a baby this month!

welcome to the world little man.

Can someone convert that into pounds for me?

Congratulations to you all and well done. Welcome to the world little man.


Corris wrote:
welcome to the world little man.

Can someone convert that into pounds for me?

Nearly 11lbs by my calculations.

Congratulations hen on your baby and welcome to the world Eddie

Eddie is such a cool name (my best friend's little boy is called Eddie as well). Congrats to sassolino and family and welcome to Earth, little Eddie!