From strength to strength ....

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From strength to strength ....

YS(11) has had a new friend fo about a week now - S is younger (8) and through him YS has found even more friends mainly in that age group.
It is giving him a lot of freedom as there is now a group to play with and , as far as I'm aware, none of them are allowed off thes estate. With the good weather we have been having he has been going out at 9.30/10 in the morning; home for a quick bite and then straight back out again until some evenings 6pm.
This morning it was damp with showers so initially YS and S and K (S's elder brother) played here for a couple hours and then it brightened up and out they went.
This evening he came in with S asking if he wasallowedto go down to the chippy with S's mum. S's mum was at the door - she is mad enough to take the boys there (her 2 yougest + my YS) and then asked if YS could eat at her house.
Major break through! Hurray.