From strength to strength ....

YS(11) has had a new friend fo about a week now - S is younger (8) and through him YS has found even more friends mainly in that age group.
It is giving him a lot of freedom as there is now a group to play with and , as far as I'm aware, none of them are allowed off thes estate. With the good weather we have been having he has been going out at 9.30/10 in the morning; home for a quick bite and then straight back out again until some evenings 6pm.
This morning it was damp with showers so initially YS and S and K (S's elder brother) played here for a couple hours and then it brightened up and out they went.
This evening he came in with S asking if he wasallowedto go down to the chippy with S's mum. S's mum was at the door - she is mad enough to take the boys there (her 2 yougest + my YS) and then asked if YS could eat at her house.
Major break through! Hurray.

Fab news, and great for you as well.

I'm pleased as punch about this ... he loves being outside and misses his school friends badly.
However my other new post is not quite as good. :(

Sigh- well at least they are taking it in turns to be problematic!

Yay! Really pleased for you, and your DS!

At least something is going right AM - and great for your YS

Great news for him. I hope it continues to go well.