What music do you love at the moment?


It's been ages since we've had one of these - and it's always great to hear new music and recommendations from members. So please let us know what you're listening to at the moment.

I'll link this topic into a competition so that you've all got a chance to win a prize and I'll go through and add as many YouTube clips as possible.

This one is a particular favourite at the moment...

Oh and if you fancy adding your own YouTube clips then here's how to do it:

Take the link from the address bar of the YouTube video that you want to add. eg. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWCOYJg9ps4

Copy everything after the = sign

this bit... DWCOYJg9ps4

and paste it between an opening youtube tag and a closing tag like this:



[img align=right]http://files.mychild.co.uk/sites/mychild.co.uk/files/imagecache/competit...
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Im lucky if I get a chance to listen to my music!lol at moment the children are listening to pentre bach songs (a welsh children's programme) but ive had the soundtracks to Glee on and Bob dylan's greatest hits lately

Lady Gaga - I'm a recent convert thanks to my husband's constant pestering to get me listen to her!

Still listening to my fav Def Leopard The Vault cd

Shelly, you'll offend the metal gods by spelling it correctly. It's Leppard. :)

johnny cash cd which happened to be my last purchase from Woolworths which cost £1, what abargain

Plan B and anything classical O:)

personally loving empire of the sun.......but currently have cbeebies on loop so its the 'summer song' thats going round my head and carrie and davids popshop unfortunately

At the moment I'm loving Eliza Doolittle, especially Pack up. It's a really catchy, summer tune.

I'm listening to songs from disney's camp rock as both my children are singing in the other room.

At the moment, I'm afraid I have to admit that being outnumbered by the children I have to regularly listen to Miley Cyrus and JLS blasting from all angles and even worse I actually sing along with them now, psst please don't tell anyone :)