What was your favourite subject at school?


We've done this subject before on the forums but I'd like to revisit it as it was a while ago.

What was your favourite (and least favourite) subject at school?

My favourite subject was English - I absolutely loved reading (still do) and I was lucky enough to have some really inspirational teachers.

I think that my least favourite subject was PE and games. All I got from it was a lifelong lack of interest in team sports - perhaps it was because we had a weird and sadistic games teacher (he collected nazi memorabilia).

So, what was your favourite subject, and why? Were there any subjects you enjoyed even though you weren't very good at them?
And were there any subjects that you absolutely hated?
Have your favourite subjects at school been useful to you in your life and career?

Please let us know below and I'll add a competition to this topic too.



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Loved history and the sciences, enjoyed RE and PE, but hated English, maths, and endured French - a lot of it to do with the teachers

Bloomin heck Michael that's a good prize
Only came back to say I was really upset when I heard my Chemistry teacher had died, she was only young, but she was a teacher in the true sense of the word, Chemistry was a joy when she was teaching it. Many pupils have missed out on having such a fab teacher, RIP Mrs Carroll

Hi Jacqui - it is a great prize. Although it's worth mentionioning that flights aren't included in the prize pack.

English Literature was my absolute favourite. I hated Geography and Physics.

I loved Art, because I found it very easy, and the art history incorporated held my attention far more than any other kind of history.

And Physics I loved, because I had a mad teacher called Mr Wardle, who would make me write lines like "I will not wear crocodile shoes to school" if he caught me talking in class. I wasn't great at it but I'd look forwards to lessons because they were so much fun.

I loved science, especially chemisty and i also loved english - HATED maths, had to have a tutor because i was so bad!

I loved music and English

Detested Chemistry and Maths... (something to do with chemical equations and maths being hard)

I have so much sympathy with the writer of that article! God, i hated PE!!!

I don’t think I had a favourite subject. I pretty much hated it all, especially the other kids, and I think that was my problem. There were no remarkable teachers I recall, but then I’d still have been with all the other kids, so what difference could they have made?

I also had the problem of being good at subjects my parents didn’t value, so I had no praise or encouragement there.