Beware of curious cats!

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Beware of curious cats!

I have a funny (well now it is) story I thought I'd share, bit of a warning too!

About a year ago, my tabby cat went missing. She was 3 years old at the time and very much an indoors cat. She only ever goes out to pee and always comes when called.

So one night, she didn't come back. I was in tears, 6 months pregnant, wailing at my hubby to drive around and look for her. Got back, and noticed our very stupid black-and-white cat miaowing and jumping at next door's house. I called our lost cat, and could hear a faint miaow. Turns out the little devil had got into next door's house.

Worst bit? Next door had gone on holiday for a WEEK.

I was devastated, called the RSPCA who told me to put food through the letterbox. But that was no good, as a quick look through the upstairs window (hubby got up on the ladder) revealed she was in the bedroom with the door shut.

She's quite timid, so I reckon she snuck in, and when she heard the neighbour, hid under the bed or something.

Anyway, we called the police who said they were busy dealing with a fire, and told me to call the RSPCA again. Eventually, the RSPCA said to call a locksmith and get a police officer out.

Luckily, hubby works with locks, so he was able to drill it out and replace it, and free our silly cat, who by this time had been stuck in there for 2 days. She was absolutely fine, although a bit clingy. And the neighbour didn't mind at all, even though the cat had made a mess. She was just thankful she hadn't come to harm!

Just thought I'd share it with you incase you have curious cats!!!!!

Needless to say, we now make sure the cats are in if ever the neighbour mentions a holiday!!!!