Single Father - BBC 1 Sunday nights.


Is anyone watching this drama? It stars David Tennant and Suranne Jones.

I'm rather enjoying it so far, even though last nights episode was a bit unbelieveable!
ursh x

I haven't seen last night's yet ... but liked the first one (even if it did make me cry!)

Hmm, that was quite easy, wasn't it?

Next weeks seems like there could be more revelations ....

How many times did it look like Evie was going to give the game away last night eh Janey? Lol my heart was in my mouth for them everytime. How on earth can you run out of money..totally? I wish I had a brother in law like Robin :)

Lmao that he left and took the dog with him too, bless.
ursh x

LOL. How on Earth can you run out of money totally?! I used to do that every single month!! :) That moment where you put the petrol in the car and think 'am I going to actually be able to get this?' Hehehe.

Robin owned though; my God the woman that he had the misfortune to be married to is a harpy.

Well yes I can quite understand him leaving her.

And I can understand running totally of money if you are say, 20 years old and no responsibilites, but when you are a forty something father of 4 with a house, a business, and bills to pay I find it beyond belief that you'd have no idea you were running low on funds!

ursh x

Isn't the idea that he's not really being responsible with respect to finances etc. After all, he doesn't even know how much the settlement is for!!

I fear for the final episode though; I don't think they are going to be able to tie up all the threads neatly in one hour. We shall see.

(for the record, I've done the totally run out of money thing when thirty something with responsibilities so...)

Me too Tekkani....

OH and I watched the first episode of this but it was too close to home for my liking! as OH is not EDs natural father this is something i always worry about, me dying and her not feeling like she is part of a family anymore, OH said that would never happen and she would never feel any different to YD as he doesnt treat them any differently, but i do worry and felt really uneasy watching it. Glad its turnedn out to be a good series tho.

Have you thought about your OH formally adopting your eldest? That could put your mind at rest. I'm sure she wouldn't feel like she wasn't part of the family and no-one needs a piece of paper to feel that way but it might help?

ursh x

Well, that's that then. Very well closed off I thought, much better than it would have been if there'd been legal wrangling and long discussions about adoption. Realistic in its own way, and rather nice.

Yeah ... an 'and they all lived happily ever after' finish ... Although there could be a spin off series at some point, maybe?