Hands up who likes this advert, I can't stop singing the song it's so catchy and of course the two main guys are an absoulte phwoarrrrr!!

Here it is

I just love it!! Kids think Im nuts.

I think its great!!!! Love it lol :)

Thought I was on my own there, racey!!

Nope its a cool advert....Not sure what it is but it is so catchy :)

I like the way they dance, its so cool and now DS wants a shirt like the one in blue! The other guy is so yummy!!!!

Even OH loves this! I remember the song from when it was a chart hit - shows my age!!


The orginal song by Jona Lewie - I well remember it too! I wonder if it will make a chart come back, it really is a very good ad.

DH and I saw this the other night and commented on how it was not a patronising and dumb down advert.

I think it's a superb advert, but the two main guys are DEFINITELY more than just friends. :P

Nice advert, and I still like the original version too. I didn't realise that one of the backing singers was Kirsty MacColl though.

Don't mind the ad, but don't think the two blokes re anything to write home about, tbh.

Which one was Kirsty MacColl? Yellow dress or orange? I used to love that song, hadn't heard it for ages so thanks for posting it, Ursh.