I'm a celebrity 2010


starts Sunday...... Can't WAIT!

What a strange woman GM is. Do you actually think she liked that cheese fruit pie thing?? She kept saying it was lovely but I was wondering if she was putting it on.
Anyway, a team player she most definitely isn't! Why do I get the feeling Britt doesn't like her very much? :?

ursh x

I will be watching bits and pieces. i love ant and dec and i love the first show where they all enter the camp, but with my huge fear of spiders i tend not to watch all of it, as just a glimpse of one will send me into a cold sweat for the rest of the night!

Was looking at the supposed line up before, looks ok!!!!

heheh yaaay , can't wait here either already got the series link set on to record it..... :P

Yay!! Hope there's not a repeat of last year's Jordan fiasco though. That really didn't work for me.

I'm very much looking foward to it too Corris, though not as much as I was before I read the probable line up. Pretty pants. :(

ursh x

I think that every year though Ursh and they sort of 'grow on me'. I had no idea who the american guy was (the one who slept with the cleaning lady) - george hamilton I think. And I LOVED him.

What was the Jordan fiasco?

Yaaaaaay silly people sweating and being attacked by rats and cockroaches! Nothing better!

Corris wrote:
starts Sunday...... Can't WAIT!

My sentiments exactly !!!!!!!!

I'm the same, I love it every year. I can't watch the eating bits though :& [ smiley not working ]

Yay! I love it :) Apparently Gail porter has dropped out and replaced by a playboy model.
I love Alison Hammond, stacey soloman and Dom joly. I agree with Corris - some I don't recognise when they go in but I grow to love some of them! x