I'm a celebrity 2010


starts Sunday...... Can't WAIT!

Dom Joly and Alison Hammond have arrived in Australia, and reported to be arriving in the jungle tomorrow.

last night she didnt 'faint' or go hysterical during the task - until she heard the bell signifying that someone else had won it.

Then suddenly she starts screaming, immediately, demands to be taken out and 'faints'. When she got back to camp she said she'd fainted twice.

Loved the playboy girl saying 'if all that water was falling on you why aren't you wet'?

She lost last night, but still made sure she got all the screen time - she is one hard woman, and an actress.


have a read of that and see if she looks like a wilting flower - I don't think so!

AND apparently Max Clifford is her publicist - well he wouldn't have let her walk in there without some sort of strategy, he's too good.

Had to smile though that a journalist managed to get her 'dr' qualification issued in the name of his dead cat for $60!

The article doesn't quite call her a hard nosed, lying hariden but it only just stops short! Interesting that it says, "She apparently fainted ............. " Wiki clearly believe that she didn't too!

I enjoyed reading that Corris, so thank you for posting the link! I have never seen her on TV before the show started on Sunday.

I had seen her, and followed the story when she was forced to stop calling herself Doctor. I've never liked her, but she absolutely IS a consumate professional - its in a totally different field, but the only person I can think of to compare her to is Jordan, in that she is totally ruthless in pursuit of her own goals it appears.

So I'm not buying into this 'fear' thing she's promoting so hard in there - especially not when she didn't murmur until the bell went and then all hell broke lose - poor old Lembit got no screen time at all, and he won.

I love stacey though - and the american girl. And Britt Eckland! What a woman!

I'd heard she was awesome, OH has as family connection with her (his mum used to wear her hand me downs apparently when he was little, she had 'polo necked jumpers back in the 70's and all it was was the neck and a bit of shoulder so you could wear them under clothing and LOOK like you had a jumper underneath, but have none of the bulk to ruin the line of your clothing or make you hot - how clever! Not sure how useful that was for his mum though...)

Anyway, she's one nice lady isnt she - everything I heard about her was true.

Clearly that's where I'm going wrong - I need to remove the sleeves from my clothes!!

You're right though, she is nice. With the exception of Gillian, I prefer Camp Sheila to Camp Bruce so far. I am starting to find Nigel Havers a bit irritating too.

Well I could never stand Gillian McKeith when she used to study peoples poo..and my god, for someone who advocates a healthy lifestyle she looks like sh*&e on it doesn't she?.

I understand what you are saying about her manipulating screen time Corris but surely she must know she's not coming across well...or do you think she doesn't care if she's hated as long as she's talked about? (a bit like Jordan I guess!)

I LOVE Stacey, I loved on when she was on X Factor and I love her even more now, like you Corris I was rolling laughing at her on 'Who wants to eat a willy on air' (give whoever thought of that title a great fat pay rise!)

Unsure about Nigel, always quite liked him but I didn't like his attitude towards the crocodile foot.

I don't think I've seen enough of everyone else to form an opinion yet...am really enjoying it so far though.
ursh x

I didn't like the crocodile foot bit either. Made me wonder if he was showing his true colours.

I think Sheryl is OK too, although I would hate my tag line to be "former wife of Paul Gascoigne" rather than something she had done in her own right.

I enjoyed the expenses discussion between Lembit and Linford too. And Linford's response to the drugs in sport questions.

Funny, I thought Britt was quite kind to her in the first programme, but I suspect she has now got thoroughly fed up of her dreadful behaviour. Camp Sheila must be very hungry by now!!

Nigel really annoys me too. Bit too much prima donna behaviour for me. Liking Shaun though.

Last night the very minute Stacey got nominated GM flew over to her (where she knew the cameras would be pointing) - I can't stand her.

I havn't seen last nights yet but I am glad i'm not the only one that has had enough of GM! I love Stacey. She is just cracking, what you see is what you get.
I thought i'd like Nigel but he is a little bit obnoxious. Can't stand Lembit either! x