I'm a celebrity 2010


starts Sunday...... Can't WAIT!

Apparently Lembit has a 21 year old girlfriend - with the withdrawal I watched get me out of here now last night after the football - and got to see quite a bit that I hadn't seen before, although the presenters are awful.

It was interesting though - although tantalising because you saw Stacey start the trial, but they didn't broadcast it, they are waiting for that tonight.

Apparently the other two people have gone in - and the woman phoned to say they were coming, Nigel took the phone call and was so disinterested in HER that he didn't even ask who it was! That man is so self obssessed I can't believe him.

What is the attraction of Lembit to young women? First a Cheeky Girl, and now a 21 year old .........

I find Nigel increasingly arrogant. He would be my second choice to leave after Gillian.

I don't watch that afterwards show, because the presenters in previous years have annoyed me so much.

I have never watched someone on the tv so self obssessed - and he's bullying lempit terribly - I rather thought after the Big Brother fiasco they weren't allowed to let bullying run on - Nigel telling lempit to 'grow up' repeatedly and belabouring his point when lempit had stopped doing it and said 'ok fair enough' - to take what looked like hours of beratement - that shouldn't be allowed.

Don't think he is coming across as the superior intellectual he hopes to portray himself as.

Ant and Dec have supposedly said that they are wise to Gillian's game plan ..................

I have a new found admiration for Stacey tonight, the way she argued her point with Linford make me like her even more than I already do. I think there is much more to her than just her daft laugh and big smile!

Oh and I agree about Nigel, he is self obsessed and was pretty damn rude to Jenny on the phone.
ursh x

I like her too - she's not daunted by anyone is she - and she didn't get riled up or anything, just said 'that really isn't right'.

She's so lovely.

Can someone please tell me WTF the point is of Gillian McKeith being in Celebrity?

She is doing my head in now!

I can't believe that!

It looked ok, as trials go.

As Fredd will be able to tell you, her sons can operate those diggers! Thanks to Diggerland!

And Nigel, as Dom has just said, has had a hissy over the court game. =))

Nigel will walk, sooner or later.