Teaching is Hazardous to health - £150k compensation




Teacher who lost her voice trying to make herself heard in a noisy classroom wins £150,000 payout

Joyce Walters, 50, had to give up her vocation after developing vocal cord nodules she blamed on large class sizes and being too close to the playground.

[Can this really be true? I'm not sure I'm ready for the world I'm living in]

corris i think you're right, if this was the case she should have said something and maybe she did and was ignored but having worked in the trade for 20 years I dont think i remember a teacher who "shouted" consistantly for reasons other than poor classroom management and as has been said this is never effective in the long run.

often the blind eye approach is turned to a teacher who has poor classroom management skills. I once worked in the same area of school with a real "shouter" parents complained, kids complained and other staff complained. I would often go into her class to see if everything was ok and she would shrug and say all was fine. I spoke to her at length about it but she put it down to a "lively" class. I would raise the issue with more senior management but nothing was done. she did loose her voice on a couple of occasions and managements attitude was "well at least it will be quiet for you all for a couple of days"

schools shosuld be supporting teachers who for what ever reason are not able to do their job and in this case it wasnt done although knowing the teacher and her personality I dont think anything would have made a difference

Ah it's the Daily Mail. The real story is as follows; a teacher was screaming at her class of noisy kiddlers for seven hours on the trot. She woke up the following day with a sore throat and took a day off sick. Went to Lloyds Chemist and spent £15 on strepsils and covonia. Charged the school the £15 she'd spent on meds, school secretary( who has a husband who works for the mail) went home that night, got trolled on Lambrini and embellished the story somewhat. The following day he wrote the article and embellished it further. Et voilà, the world is sane once more.

Damn it, it must be true! I apologise profusely to the DM.

On a serious note, it sounds like an awful lot but given she's only 50 she could be missing out on (potentially) 15 years of paid employment, so over 15 years it's £10,000 a year. Not really a vast sum. But it begs the question where will this lead.

it begs the question what sort of teacher needs to scream at her class all day?

looks like her classroom management skills needed some work

I don't know though Summer, maybe it accumulated over a period of months/years? (Though if she was screaming/shouting constantly, then yes, you're absolutely right).

It doesn't sit easy with me.

me either.

It doesn't sound long term - and surely you'd have noticed it going and taken pre-emptive action.

I can't see why she needed to be yelling her head off anyway.

Imagine the floodgates this could open. Perhaps she fancied early retirement.

Nodules don't appear overnight, and they're not irreparable, either. You can have them removed surgically, and you can be taught to speak correctly to avoid further damage to the vocal cords.

£150k does seem an awful lot for such a relatively small amount of damage, even if it is relatively little when amortised over 15 years.

i have to admit I have worked with teachers whos only way of dealing with a young noisy class is to yett, it really winds me up as there is no excuse for it and management should be aware and put things into place to help a teacher who is struggling with classroom management.

the problem is, and its something that annoys the hell out of me, is that incompetent teachers are incredibly difficult to get rid of once in post. if someone in industry is not pulling their weight they are sacked, but we are talking about people who are shaping a young persons future yet if they cant do it there is little that can be done.

Ive had a class of 18 kids aged between Y1 and Y6, that doesnt sound many but they were the kids who other staff couldnt cope with. I did shout at one of them once but only because he was about to do something extremely dangerous and believe me you could have heard a pin drop. afterwards some of my class were heard in the playground telling everyone that i could actually shout. ages after they would still say to me "Mrs S, can you remember when you shouted!" lol