Can someone lend me a couple of million dollars, please?


I want to buy Sheryl Crow's farm. Its incredible.

Obviously my main interest is in the stabling and the horsy facilities but look at that kitchen. Its got a FISHTANK in the island. How cool is that?

Plus, I know I'm a tiny bit sad (well, a lot sad) but I'd like to see my DD walk down that staircase in her first evening dress, and then in her wedding dress. And then I would cry.

So, i've turned my purse out and dug down the back of the sofa and I've found £14.73, which is $23.68 at today's exchange rate. Can anyone lend me the rest? Just think of the meet-up we could have there !

mammax1 wrote:
*Jaw hits the floor and a bit of drool escapes*

L x

Yes that just about sums it up for me too! Now then, how many members does TSR have?....surely we could all chip in a few quid each and have it as a timeshare?

ursh x

What a beautiful place, and I think even the hardest-hearted person would shed a tear at the thought of their daughter coming down those stairs in her wedding gown. What a wonderful thought.

I'm brassic this week so millions are out but I can find a tenner to offer to the BFG-needs-a-new-home fund.

I wonder if Corris' estate agent has done a similar video ...................

*Jaw hits the floor and a bit of drool escapes*

L x

sorry I was going to lend you the money but then decided to put a bid in myself so i need every penny.

Fab isn't it! and quite good value really, for all that property ....

If you have found £14 BFG, buy 14 lottery tickets ... you never know ....