Im as big as... Incredible Height Chart


Im as big as..... is a height chart with a difference.

Each cm from 1cm all the way up to 190cm is a different iconic item, mythical creature or object.

This is absolutely brilliant.

Here is what we are

I am as tall as Elvis!

OH is as tall as an adult male gorilla

ED is as tall as a perfect snowman

YD is as tall as half a million pounds in a stack of £50 notes

It starts off at 1cm with a drawing pin and goes to 190cm which is a giant. Other heights are 25cm is a squirrel, 62cm is a baguette, 101cm is tom thumb, 144cm is a pool cue, 156cm is a blue whale and 188cm is king henry viii

This is such a brilliant idea and so much more fun than a standard height chart! There is space on each line to write your name so all the family can be measured year after year. Would make a fun gift for christmas

How tall is a perfect snowman, lol?!

Sounds like a fun gift.

I love that!!! Where can u get it? x

That sounds fantastic!

Leeds wrote:
How tall is a perfect snowman, lol?!

Sounds like a fun gift.

Just so you all know when the snow arrives the perfect snowman is 140cm!!!!

You can get it from alot of places, im just going to PM Michael to check if there was a specific place that sent this in for review, and i will let you know.

Is it wrong that I've put this on MY Christmas list?