Im as big as... Incredible Height Chart

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Im as big as... Incredible Height Chart

Im as big as..... is a height chart with a difference.

Each cm from 1cm all the way up to 190cm is a different iconic item, mythical creature or object.

This is absolutely brilliant.

Here is what we are

I am as tall as Elvis!

OH is as tall as an adult male gorilla

ED is as tall as a perfect snowman

YD is as tall as half a million pounds in a stack of £50 notes

It starts off at 1cm with a drawing pin and goes to 190cm which is a giant. Other heights are 25cm is a squirrel, 62cm is a baguette, 101cm is tom thumb, 144cm is a pool cue, 156cm is a blue whale and 188cm is king henry viii

This is such a brilliant idea and so much more fun than a standard height chart! There is space on each line to write your name so all the family can be measured year after year. Would make a fun gift for christmas