Too early to go to one nap?

Max is 9.5 months now and I am really struggling to get him to have his second nap since we have been on holiday, but he is sleeping more on a night, on holiday he was doing this-

6:30-Sleepy breastfeed
11:30am- 20 minute nap
12- Lunch
4pm- 2 hour sleep
8:30-9 sleep

Since we have got back he has continued to fall asleep after his breastfeed first thing so is pretty much sleeping 7pm til near enough 8am, then he wants to be asleep at 10:30/11 for a couple of hours, then I have been trying to get him back to sleep 3 hours after waking but he is fighting it like mad, today he was up from 12pm til 7pm!! The only time he was grumpy was when I was trying to get him to sleep, I got him off twice and he just woke up five minutes later! Surely he is too little to be up that long?

Any suggestions to our routine would be appreciated!

I think it varies so much from each child that there's no set amount of sleep or naps that's 'right'. If he fights sleep to that degree and wakes shortly after, it could just be his body doesn't need so much sleep, so go with it where possible.

I think your routine sounds perfect; he can nap if he needs to, but don't force it; you know better than anyone what works best for him; perhaps try a nap-free few days and see how he goes, put him to bed half an hour earlier if he's not napped at all. As he gets older you'll notice him sleeping less through the day but longer through the night; it varies when it happens but so long as he's not grumpy or lethargic he's obviously getting enough sleep.

my first daughter only needed one nap far earlier than *the books* said that she should need just one, and she went without any nap at all at the age when *the books* said that she should be going from two to one naps. She always slept well during the night, unlike daughter number two who wakes frequently at night and spends a lot more time sleeping during the day than her big sister did. Just go with what your child seems to need, you'll know if he's not getting enough sleep as he'll be grumpy and tired. If he's bright and cheerful on just one nap then go with that. My first daughter always needed less sleep than *the books* said she should.

Bloody hell lady!!!!! let me just say you are one lucky lady!!!!! lol,there are probably mothers on here that are sleep deprived and would kill for that lol,its fine totally fine and probably a good routine to be in so dont worry about it xxxx

Probably one nap is enough now yes.

Although if you are anything like me, you'll like the afternoon nap better than the morning one... so what I'd do is make 'lunch' appallingly early, so 11am, and the sleep afterwards. And when that was a routine I'd sneakily move 'lunch' back a little more each day so the nap was at 1-ish.

Alex was one who outgrew naps pretty early on. Some kids just do, I'd not be worrying about it love x

Olly lost his second nap at quite an early age. I complained heartily that I had no time to myself through the days til my friend said her son would stay awake til midnight each night and be back up at 5am, then sleep through the day. I realised how lucky I was to have such a wonderful night-time sleeper!


There's no magical number of hours required by all kids in a certain age group. When adults are tired, they can either be grumpy or have low energy, but kids can become hyper, disagreeable, and have extremes in behavior. Just make sure your baby doesn't show any of this and then you can make sure that 1 nap is enough for him. :)

Chicco Ausiemum

katie moved to just 1 nap around that age too, but I know people with babies who still do 2 naps age 1, so it really does vary! if he sleeps well at night i wouldn't worry!