Dancing on Ice new series!



What a decent line up eh? Denise Welch, Angela Rippon, Stephen Arnold and Kerry *car crash tv* Katona.

Higher profile peeps than usual eh? Can't wait, one of my favourite shows of the year :)

ursh x

Me too Ursh!!! I am so looking forward to it!!!


I'm looking forward to it as well....lol

Vanilla Ice and Dave Vitty - BRILLIANT!

I don't know who Dave Vitty is but I can't wait to hear Vanilla Ice come out to Ice Ice Baby.!

lol, it will be brilliant! Dave Vitty is Comedy Dave who does the Chris Moyles radio 1 breakfast show, hes funny and i cant wait to see him in lycra!!!!

Yay, thank goodness there's another programme to replace X Factor!

Oh right thanks Miss P!! In that case I'll know his voice if not his face lol, like Chris Moyles show a lot.
ursh x

Is it Ironic that Vanilla Ice is on the show.

Let's hope KK goes out first.

See I hope KK does really well. I'll be rooting for her :) and Dave! x

I enjoyed it but gosh it was long! Why do they have to spin these shows out for hours and hours? (okay so I know the answer is advertising revenue but it still annoys me!)

I didn't stay up to see who was in the skate off, so who was it and who has gone?

I thought Kerry was a pretty decent skater, quite graceful really so if she's still in she can get better. Vanilla Ice was my favourite though.

I agree about the judges, I mean they kept talking to Karen anyway when she was sat with the contestents so they may as well have just kept her on the judging panel.
Also agree about Holly's bangers lol. They are very nice but we get the message now, you don't need to ram it down our thoats love. Jealous of hers...moi?

ursh x