Dancing on Ice new series!



What a decent line up eh? Denise Welch, Angela Rippon, Stephen Arnold and Kerry *car crash tv* Katona.

Higher profile peeps than usual eh? Can't wait, one of my favourite shows of the year :)

ursh x

I didn't see it this week. Think I'll watch on catch up, and as you say, I can zoom through the bits I don't need to watch!

Not seen it yet but I heard who went, and thank goodness!

Feel sorry for Chloe. I am enjoying the final so far.

Yeah, I am too Brandie.

Preferred Sams Bolero to Laura's thouhg. There were a few parts that seemed out of sync with the music, but who am I to know haha

I prefered Sam's to Laura's too but I also didn't think much to Laura's showcase. Thought the other two were much better.

In the end though wasn't bothered who won as liked all 3 finalists and they all deserved to be there.

Who won? I hardly watched any of this even though I couldn't wait for it to start! I thought it was quite a poor standard to recent years and it dragged on FAR too long.

ursh x

Sam and Brianne won Ursh......and imo they deserved to, even though he went through a spoilt phase lol