All about the exercise


I have went on a healthy kick. I refuse to call it a diet cos I do daft things and stop eating so I prefer the healthy kick theme. aside from that I joined WLR again as it was time to do something before I ended up morbidly obese as it creeps up on you. I am now 12 stone 13 but was heavier.

I have my weight thingy set at 1 and a half pounds loss a week. I am on 1511 calories plus my exercise ones too per day.

Now the exercise.
M Swimming aerobics low impact
T Swimming
W Swimming Zumba
Th Swimming
F Swimming aerobics low impact
Sa nowt
Su Swimming.

I dont include the exercise I do from walking the dogs though as thats everyday.

So far I have lost 8lbs thats in 3 weeks. I am wondering if I should add more exercise or keep it the same as what I have.

3 weeks ago I wouldnt of got of the couch unless it was to walk the dogs also scoffing everything in sight so overeating.

I would say I was eating about 2500 to 3000 per day without thinking about it. Things like chocolate and crisps. The quick fills when they weren't really just full of calories.

I find I choose healthier options so I can have more of and still keep the calories down. I eat more also which I find weird but it is coming along nicely I have to say.

Well done Dolly, WLR is fab isn't it? I rejoined at the start of the month as well to lose the Christmas weight. It only took a couple of weeks of calorie tracking and it fell off.

As far as the exercise goes, I would say to do whatever you feel is achieveable, as in what you have the time and the inclanation for .and most importantly make sure you are enjoying it!
Don't let if feel like a just another one of lifes pressures, something you have to fit in.

How about a bit of strength training too? That will increase your muscle mass, and muscle burns calories faster than fat. Don't worry about ending up looking like Arnie, women are not wired up that way (unless with the aid of steriods, yuk}. A good balance fitness wise is cardio and strength training.

I'm afraid I have become a little bit exercise obsessed and I have to rein myself in sometimes from doing too much lol.

ursh x

Strength training details please and have you seen some of them women now that is gross.

I have a belly which isnt pretty what of that. It just hangs there and I didnt want to loose the weight and have all of these bits hanging there. I have noticed a change in it as it doesnt hang as much and I love swimming even with the kids. I have the Active 2 for PS3 as I am not ready for the gym not just yet. Thats where the low impact aerobics comes from. Its fun to do I can tell you even if your OH is taking the piss out of you for it.

Had to do something Ursh after the quitting smoking I put on all of the weight I lost and then some back on so it was time to tackle this too and the fright I got 3 weeks ago when I couldnt breath right it was my wake up call.

You'll be proud hen I am drinking my 2 litres of water a day and more. I am being stubborn this time cos I dont want to be like my mother as she is morbidly obese and now has diabetes and inhaler cos she cant catch her breath and the silly moo is smoking too. There is no way I want to end up like that.

Dolly you are an inspiration!

I keep talking about it and doing nothing. I really must get myself into gear.

DW (and a friend) have just signed up for 5 days free membership of the gym.

I'd love to go, but it's finding the time.

I am VERY proud D!

Strength training is anything involving weights (start off small, then build up)
The BEST thing in my opinion is a Body Pump class. The difference to my body since I started them, must be around 18 months now, is amazing.
It works every muscle group. I'd look for one near you.

Don't be daunted by it, there are people at all different fitness levels in class and the music really is great fun, the time flys by. If you get a good instructor as well who will show you the correct technique (most run 'clinics' to demonstrate before the class) you'll have cracked it.

bugger and damnation the nearest one to me is Greenock or Glasgow. I thought there would be one nearer than that. Mind saying that I could bung the kids into swimming there and go to the class so that could be one option.

Daedy walking to and from work might help or parking the car the furtherest away from work and walking. Same at the supermarkets too. Hope DW loves her time there at the gym I am to fat to go the now well thats what I think so I swim and do the rest at home and out and about.

Thanks Corris and Ursh.

Dolly, you are an absolute STAR! Well done, I am so pleased for you.

Well I havent lost loads just a lb but I think I have muscle if that makes sense as I am mucking out kennels every morning now and have done for 5 days. I swear I am going to have arms like Arnie =)) I swim every day and the aerobics too. My clothes feel looser and my feet have shrunk as well. I have shoes that are too big for my feet now :S :( So I have to invest in more :)) :D

Still drinking my water but its increased to 3 litres and I have fruit and veg in large quantities thats in the region of 7 to 10 per day not the 5 they say. :D

See I havent given up what of you Ursh hows it going hen and anyone else that is making changes.

Well unlike you Dolly I don't think it's all about the exercise as got to my goal weight on WW without more than a brisk walk. However, I slipped off the wagon but made a return visit to my meeting last week to get weight. Good news is I'm over the top end of my goal weight range by 0.5 lb and the bads news is I lost a further 12lbs after getting to goal hence I need to lose about a stone. Trying the new Pro Points and so far so good, will be weighed again Thurs will hopefully see a result.