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All about the exercise

I have went on a healthy kick. I refuse to call it a diet cos I do daft things and stop eating so I prefer the healthy kick theme. aside from that I joined WLR again as it was time to do something before I ended up morbidly obese as it creeps up on you. I am now 12 stone 13 but was heavier.

I have my weight thingy set at 1 and a half pounds loss a week. I am on 1511 calories plus my exercise ones too per day.

Now the exercise.
M Swimming aerobics low impact
T Swimming
W Swimming Zumba
Th Swimming
F Swimming aerobics low impact
Sa nowt
Su Swimming.

I dont include the exercise I do from walking the dogs though as thats everyday.

So far I have lost 8lbs thats in 3 weeks. I am wondering if I should add more exercise or keep it the same as what I have.

3 weeks ago I wouldnt of got of the couch unless it was to walk the dogs also scoffing everything in sight so overeating.

I would say I was eating about 2500 to 3000 per day without thinking about it. Things like chocolate and crisps. The quick fills when they weren't really just full of calories.

I find I choose healthier options so I can have more of and still keep the calories down. I eat more also which I find weird but it is coming along nicely I have to say.