Can anybody tell me?


Why the confused dot com advert has the soundtrack of 'can anybody find me somebody to love?'

I can make no sense of it at all.

Maybe the CEO needs someone to love

Don't you love cheap car insurance?

Yeah but I don't think they deserve to have Queen thumping over the top of my cheaper car insurance. Besides, I get that from meerkats.

I have the cheapest car insurance in the world, so I don't take any notice of the adverts, none of them will ever be able to 'compare'

Becasue they are desperate and clueless, and getting their corporate ar*es kicked competitively by a gang of puppet meerkats and a fat guy with a silly moustache.

I got my car insurance from a little red telephone and it was cheaper by £150 than the cheapest quote from any of the comparison sites!

My DD and friends use "" as an expression.

Eg How do you do the homework?

Don't know. I'm confused dot com.

They do say that all publicity is good publicity. And here we are talking about it, so someone will be pleased!! Could you just remove all references to meerkats and red telephones .......

Ahh the joys of sky, you can ist fast-forward idiotic adverts. I think the last advert I watched was the John West one with the bear fighting the man for the salmon.

but that one was a good one not like the car ones which are all naff.

I'm delighted to say I haven't a clue which ad you're talking about! lol



I hate that advert, it's ruined the song for me totally. And it's probably one of the worst Queen songs anyway.