10 things i hate about you....



1. Its too darn hot

2. Its bright at 5 in the morning and 9 at night

3. you have to shave your legs (simon is so lucky to have me)

4. you have to put nail varnish on your toes

5. people make you sit outside and eat with spiders crawling over your feet and wasps flying around your head

6. there are more spiders around

7. being in the car is like driving around in the oven

8. a 5 min walk leaves you bright red and sweaty

9. sweating more

10. having to put sun cream on the kids every 5 mins


I love the film 10 things I hate about you. The father is exactly how my Dad was, right down to the gruesome 'this is what giving birth looks like, think on that before you go on a date'.

Miss P I love the summer, but if it's any consolation I really feel for you, and I'll do a little rain dance once this weekend's over.

=)) at Oa!
Oh Miss P, hugs! I hated it last year but this year I am enjoying it more - I think because Finn is older!
I do have to agree with number 2 - don't mind the light nights but the light mornings as well?! Drives me insane! x

Agree with quite a few of those, but I can put washing out and its dry in hours instead of days, and I can have my doors and windows open to allow some fresh air in.

Can I substitue shaving legs for-I cant wear so many layers to cover up the wobbly bits!

I cant put my washing out on the line because of spiders but at least it dries quicker in the summer! I dont have the windows open either because of spiders but i do have the patio doors and back door open.

I agree on that one Tubsy, summer clothes are far too small and show far too much, which, when, like me, your the size of a whale, it doesnt look very nice

Lots of rain dances please OA!

NO RAIN! I love the summer now that im not pregnant, the bright sunny day and the warm weather cheer me up no end and always has me in a good mood. We dont get too much sun in Ireland so please let it last, I wasnt born to live in a cold country so Im hoping that the weather forcast is wrong for here and we get a whole weekend of good weather instead of one day :D

Even pregnant I loved last summer, the hotter the better for me. In fact in Mexico I was 16 weeks pregnant and still loving it.

Rain dance done, but it was only a little one as Annie the drunk from next door yelled over the fence that she was trying to sleep (hangover no doubt).


Apparently from monday its getting cooler so thanks OA it may have worked

When I worked nights the bright mornings were a lovely sight

too hot already here and its only 7.30. I do apologise for my constant moaning over the next few months, but i promise i never moan about how cold it is when autumn and winter arrive :D

Sorry, can't help. Summer is such a welcome relief after the winter; six months of rain, wind, snow, frost, short days, it's impossible for me not to like the summer!