The future of the chat thread: Now with a decision!


The Chat Thread, in its current form, will be closed at 50,000 posts. We have been invited to discuss what form of chat we would like in the future.

The current daily chat threads will, to the best of my knowledge, continue in their current form regardless. The question is, will these threads be sufficient to cover general daily chat, with additional threads as needed, or is there still a place for a longer chat thread, to contain rants, drunken ramblings and general madness.

My position is that, yes, a longer thread is still needed, and I believe a suggested name for it of "Behind the Bikesheds" is rather appropriate. However, other views are also needed.

I know this was discussed at length last summer, in a situation that caused discussions to get heated. There has been time since for reflection so hopefully this can be a positive discusson. Please contribute, if only to say that you have no interest whatsoever in whatever the crazy section of the membership wants to get up to!

Well said Leeds a non chat regular who doesnt mind standing up and telling the truth.

Never expected to ever use another forum myself either. I know what you are saying.

Where's everyone gone .. lemme guess you all missed me so much your off baking me a cake??

Corris are you making the tea ;)

I'm hanging up a load of washing - exciting stuff!

MammyMooney wrote:
Fredd at one time this was THE only parenting forum id use but it appears to me if you don't agree with the mods your not allowed to give your opinion and Michael just goes with the flow cos he's desperate not to upset his mods. Lol ever heard the saying to many cooks spoil the broth!

You know, MM, I think this is really unfair. I LOVE it when people disagree, because there is nothing more boring than an anodyne forum where everyone thinks the same thing and says the same thing and no-one dares voice a difference of opinion. Can you point to a situation here where the evil terrible mods refused to allow people a difference of opinion (that is, a real difference of opinion and not just a slanging match)?

Michael has a lot of other things to do, so he delegates the day-to-day running of the site to the mods. We aren't untouchable, we mod each other if we are out of line (you would not believe the numer of times Corris and EB mod me) , and we get our hands slapped by M if we are really unprofessional. Michael treats us as professionals, we don't flounce off the site if people say things that upset us, we have to behave like professionals and accept reprimands, and DEAL WITH IT.

You are perfectly entitled to your opinion. If you weren't your post would be removed, but we want to hear EVERYONE's point of view, whether or not they are "nice". Your opinion is valid, but I find it unfair and it hurts my feelings, because I spend a lot of time doing my very best for this site, and to have someone come in and say that i am some sort of dictator is unfair and hurtful.

was supposed to be working tonight (as I didn't seem tog et much done this morning) and then getting to bed at a decent time...ho hum. sleeping at my desk again tomorrow!

I thought id come on n see what you lot were upto come on for a natter n first thing I read is the chat threads being given the boot, like we didn't all know that was on the cards last time n Michael just didn't have the balls to say so!

MM, you are out of line. I'm not going to mod your post because I think its important that everyone sees what's being said. The chat thread is NOT being given the boot, its being changed. We cannot have massive 50k+-post threads; apart from anything else, it doesnt help the board's technical stability. Lots of chat regulars have said they like the idea of a rolling monthly thread- what is your opinion on that?

I've only just got here (well after catching up with this thread!).

Hi MM, and Fredd and anyone else still around.

For what it's worth, I like the Behind the bikesheds name too. I'd rather a thread was re-started every month, for reasons already stated. It will hopefully be more 'readable' for regular and casual users, yet still provide enough continuity for chats.

bet it was a bit of a shock to the system, MM! was a bit taken aback myself this morning!