We are going to the Cotswolds on 28th May for a week and im after some ideas of places to go. There will be OH and I and Abbie (11) and Emma(5)

So far ive got a 2 for 1 voucher for Blenheim Palace, if anyone has been please tell me if its any good.

Im after a voucher for WookeyHole, again, any good?

Ive heard of Cotswold Farm Park and Cotswold Wildlife Park and wondered which one to go to?

Im going to book horse riding lessons too.

So is there anywhere i should definitely go and shouldnt miss?????


Slimbridge is good or at least it was when we took OD about 18 years ago! Think we also went to the Farm Park. She was only 6 months old though so didn't need much entertaining but it is lovely round there :-)



Wookey Hole is great fun, but the caves can be a little scary in places (I know that for the last couple of years that they've had a 'witch' character in there), but eeriely beautiful with the stalagmites and tites. There's also lots of other bits to Wookey Hole, like a fair ground of older attractions, penny games and a paper mill (makes hand made paper). Well worth a visit.

Another place is Cheddar Gorge, with all the caves, one fantasy based, others just lit up tites and mites (hubby may like to try Adventure Caving if they still do it, but you have to be over 12 years old). There's a cheese factory, making cheddar of course, lol and a sweet shop and cafes, as well as the Jacobs' Ladder which will take you up to the top of the Gorge, blooming hard work walking up and down, but worth it for the views!

Fabulous ive written down Slimbridge and Cheddar Gorge to have a look at. thanks ladies xxxx

I'm sure I remember Daedy saying that his workplace had had their Christmas do at Blenheim. Not sure if all the necessary repairs have since been carried out, lol!

I once went for an afternoon there when I was a student, with a friend in a wheelchair. We never made it inside, as I found the going tough!! It looked beautiful though. From the outside!