Slimming club or going it alone?


I have to have two surgeries - and don't want to stay overnight. In order to be a day patient, I need to lose weight.

Do I need to join and organised slimming club? Or do you think you can lose weight just as well on your own?

Our household lifestyle doesn't lend itself to me joining a club so I have tried to do it on my own and did lose a stone but I have since put it back on again. I did it with Rosemary Conley and Weightwatchers recipes and using the ones that were both low fat and low calorie.

do you know why you've put it back on elaine?

Ive done it both ways and i can honestly say that i felt more pressue when i joined a club, and not in a good way. I joined a SW class and although i think the diet is amazing going to the meetings took over my life so i was becoming obsessed with it and it was all i could think about. I ended up binging more than when i just went it alone.

I think buying the magazines in the shop is enough, they give you all the information you need. That is if you want to follow a certain diet.

I would recommend Slimming World its fab, but then just eating low fat is also a great way to lose weight

I lost more when doing Slimming World. There's some truth in the adage that you lose more as a group.

I do mine online through WLR. I couldn't go to the meetings to much like Little Britain for me cos I went years ago and it was like that.

The thing is Corris do you have the willpower to lose the weight. Thats the first thing you need to look at.

Can I ask why you dont want to stay in the hozzie hen.

Probably not - but I need to find some tools to help me with that, and because I'm phobic.

We dont have any clubs near us but when I feel like I need to cut back I do it by myself, I can also chuck the lo's in the buggy and go for a run without having to run into anyone.

For me joining WW and attending meetings worked, stopped going and some of the weight went back on ie, too much! But it's very personal as to what works best for whom. Hope you manage to find something that works for you Corris.


I don't think you need to join a club to lose weight but you do need the right tools to help you.
Sure, by eating low fat/low sugar and upping activity levels you'll probably lose weight in the short term but in the long term you need to know how many calories a day your body needs just to tick over and then adjust downwards. You won't need to join a club for that, there are lots of resources online and it magazines.

I swear keeping a food diary is the best thing you can do. Of coursei if you do want to join a club.. RC, SW, WW and WLR are all online. You know which I'd recommend lol!
ursh x

In the Beginning I stopped all sweeties. I ate a lot naughty me I know. Then I halved my dinner plate cos ours are huge. I found an old smaller plate at the back of the cupboard and it's now mine. Lol

I was moving a lot already but eating too much. Hence why I joined WLR cos I had no clues if I was doing it right and got it in the end.

Hope you find the right one for you hen.