Toxic Tuesday


Morning all :)
The oh is already out and painting the garden fences and the smell first thing in the morning is toxic lol!
The oh is doing the painting today and hopefully putting up the shed. We might be going to wear m out with his brother and their little girl, depends how involved in the garden he gets lol x

I'm off to deliver 3 Gypsy tarts this morning and will finally end up at work for a bit to tidy up my classroom while there is no children in
I've already washed up, put some washing on, fed the cat and almost finished a cup of coffee!!

blimey roo you're early!

I'm entering competitions today - it's the end of the month. I have a doctors appointment because my knee consultant wants his colleague to operate on my ankle - so I have to convince the doctor to refer me (his letter tells them too as well - they got that last week).

My car is going in for a service and MOT.

And I have to work.

What I am not doing is anything to pursue my house sale. I've had enough. I'm sulking.

And I've got a wicked sore throat & a bunged up nose!!

we'll sulk together sparkle

What's a gypsy tart SD? (I'm sure you are not referring to the obvious!) Hope you are feeling better soon.

It's my only day off this week and I am spending it at either Blackpool Zoo or the South Lakes Wild Animal park. We are yet to decide, hopefully the girls will surface soon and we can get a wriggle on.

Have a lovely day all x

Ursh that sounds brilliant.

Morning folks, off to view a few houses soon. Im getting rather apathetic about it all. I think we may even consider renting as an option just so we can move and then continue to search in the area we're after.

Is Gypsy tart a south thing?! It's lovely Ursh.

I would have been earlier Corris if I hadn't had a paddy and demand that the kids go back to bed because 4 o clock was far too early lol!
Have a lovely day Ursh.
Fx crossed for you Jac x
The oh has managed 2 panels - pur sprayer is broke so he's painting it by hand - he's chuffed as I bet you can imagine lol x

Go and take him a cup of tea, Em. And ask him when, exactly, he'll be finished ...............

Olly has been brought home, as he's not very well at all, so he's lounging on the sofa like Lady Muck demanding grapes and smoothies. In my day you'd be forced to stay in bed with no tv and a bacon sandwich thrown at you three times a day.

So, another dvd day. I can recite most of Alice in Wonderland verbatim. It's no wonder there's no room in my head for intelligent adult conversation; it's filled with the unbirthday song.

Leeds wrote:
Go and take him a cup of tea, Em. And ask him when, exactly, he'll be finished ...............

I value my life thank you muchly :D I did chuckle when it started to rain - he looked like a petulant child lol!
Hugs to O Oa - the boys are just watching tangled on box office because we can't get out to feed the ducks! x