Prom dress sneaky preview!


I was going to wait till the event and put the pics from there up but I can't wait so here is my YD at her prom dress fitting today, just imagine she's wearing the tiara and had her hair done for now!


I think she looks pretty stunning but then I am biased :)

ursh x

Aww bless you all for the lovely comments. I can't wait to see what she'll look like on the actual night. She's getting her hair done in the afternoon but I'm glad she's not going down the fake tan and nails route that seems to be the popular thing. She's going au natural for the make-up as well. Of course, being her mum I think she's pretty enough as it is lol.

OA..will I cry? Do you like shoes?

ursh x

Ursh I think with your dd's skin complexion and dark hair set against the blue colour of the dress she'd look much better without the false tan, she truely is stunning, no need to go OTT on stuff like that.
You must post pics of shoes too.
Jacq x

Definitely no false glamour needed - she is naturally stunning! Oh, and I love the dress too...

Lol! Totally agree about au natural, she's utterly gorgeous as she is, and the colour is beautiful with her colouring.

She looks so beautiful, Ursh, and the dress is incredible. I can't believe that I first heard you talking about her as a little girl getting ready to go up to secondary school -and now suddenly she's off to prom.

My OD had a spray tan done but we know a very good therapist who uses far less when spraying Engish roses like me and OD! So it looked lovely.

Does OA like shoes? Is the pope a catholic?lol