I had five pieces of post today (and one of them was a birthday card, so doesn't really count) - of the five, three, THREE, were asking me for money - YHA, Macmillan Nurses, and Leeds Medical something or other.

Does this mean I'm on a hit list? Or that charities are having to get more aggressive?

Is it just me?

I cannot believe that over 50% of my incoming post wanted charitable money off me. I put 'gone away' on them and sent them back - but am I on a 'mugs list' somewhere they sell to each other do you think? Or do you all get that many?

I get loads, and also a lot from womens' clothing catalogues and loan companies. I get at least one item from one of those catagories every single day. I don't respond, so goodness know how long it takes before they realise that they're flogging the proverbial dead horse.

I still get, every February, a catalogue from a company selling children's party wares. I ordered from them once, for DD's 4th birthday party. She was 13 last March. So, I can see why they keep trying given that they might assume I have younger childrenbut I'm sure any profit they made from me has been eaten up in catalogue and postage costs. So I do wonder why they just don't cross me off their own mailing list.

Ha, I have noticed that since our financial problems started, that the amount of junk mail we receive has suddenly dried right up. We used to get one or two pieces virtually every day, and now we get very, very little. It may be the single advantage to having a negative credit rating!