son failing english y8 , ,help please


hi my sons thirteen and finishing y8 ,hes got very low english doesnt think its a problem, i do. can anyone help me find some resoures to help him .hes got good grades for everything else

Hello and welcome to the group.

Have you had a parents evening recently? My son is year 7 and all his grades were lower than the 'expected grades' on the report yet all the teachers made nice comments and it it was much more positive report than all his primary ones.

What do you think he needs more help with? We'll try to help where we can, but it might be better if school could provide more support if he really needs it next term. Could you arrange a meeting with the English teacher either now or in September and see what they could offer?

There is 'failing' and there is working to the best of his ability. You need a detailed report that shows what his predicted grades are (he should have done an in-depth assessment in year 7) and what he is achieving now. If he is falling far below then the school should be putting support into place (School Action at this point). If he is working at the best of his ability in this area then he should be praised for what he is doing. It may be that his talents lie in other areas and these need to be pushed. I have known children who were on the gifted and talented register for such things as sport, drama and maths that were never going to be A* in English. It sounds like your son has other talents that will take him far if he has good grades in other areas!

(teacher of Literacy!)

You can have a try with online worksheets. It's interesting. There are lots of resoures. My daughter has been using beestar for english learning. The online worksheets are full of all real life world problems, challenging stuff to help kids thinking. It helps DD a lot~~