The 'Make up some complete rubbish' about the person above you thread.


The idea is the person below makes up a completely unfounded fact about the person above them. The more unbelieveable the better.

Fill 'yer boots.

Ursh works in a doughnut factory. One day she decided to experiment with fillings and nearly got the sack- apparently tripe 'n' sprinkles doughnuts didn't go down too well with the clientele...

(is that what you mean? Or have i got it totally wrong?)

ElectronBlue x

Corris sets traps by night to catch owls so she can converse with them - she lets them go every morning after in-depth discussions about life, the universe and everything...


Scarymary signs off from her posts using the name 'Dawn'. In FACT, her real name is Delilah Pussycat.

She was concieved at a Tom Jones concert and hates to be reminded of it so she changed it by deed poll.

'christiesgal' is really a big Man U fan ...

:O :O :O :(

Janey used to be a pole dancer in a strip club in Leeds, she got sacked for getting over friendly with the customers, if you know what I mean?

Ursh was Janey's colleague and got sacked for taking her work home with her

Jacqui got into a fight on Saturday night and ended up with several stitches in her elbow. The police were not amused when she told them that Elton John said it would be okay.

ursh x

Ursh has a lucrative sideline crocheting nipple tassels.

ElectronBlue x

EB is very much like Bree from Desperative Housewives ie, dresses in tailored trousers, twinset and pearls; her house is like a show home and she is a domestic goddess!